The best refurbished tablet deals in the UK this April


More portable than a laptop but with a bigger screen than a smartphone (or folding phone), a tablet is a worthwhile purchase for many people.

But unless it’s your main productivity device, you might be reluctant to spend a lot of money on one. The very best tablets are excellent devices, but they can be expensive.

The most obvious solution is to get a budget tablet, and there several cheap slates that are worth considering. But what if you could get a premium tablet for a fraction of its usual price?

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s very possible if you buy refurbished. Here’s everything you need to know about refurbished tablets, including how to get a great deal.

Best refurbished tablet deals in the UK

Apple iPad 10.2 (2021) – Excellent condition


From: Back Market

Was: £639

(£194.09 off)

The 2021 model of the regular iPad is still the best affordable Apple tablet. Rather than buying new, it makes much more sense to get 30% off this refurbished 256GB model in excellent condition.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 – Excellent condition


From: Back Market

Was: £799

(£199 off)

Samsung’s smallest flagship tablet is one of the best Android slates you can buy. Get nearly £200 off by going refurbished, with the device looking almost identical to new.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra – Excellent condition


From: Amazon

Was: £999

(£299.01 off)

The huge Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra from 2022 is usually very expensive. But getting this 256GB model for under £700 makes it much more appealing, especially when it’s in excellent condition.

Apple iPad Air (2022) – Good condition


From: Back Market

Was: £669

(£187.46 off)

The latest iPad Air from 2022 is still the best tablet for most people. There’s a 28% discount on this 64GB model in good condition, meaning the screen is still pristine and there’s only small scratches elsewhere.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2021) – Good condition


From: musicMagpie

Was: £999

(£319.01 off)

The 12.9-inch model of the 2021 iPad Pro remains a very capable device, especially with Apple’s M1 chip under the hood. This model is in good condition, meaning it has signs of wear and tear but has been tested to be in “great working order”.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – Good condition


From: eBay

Was: £899.99

(£600 off)

The Surface Pro 7 is still a great tablet, and it’s easy to update it to Windows 11. While you’ll have to put up with heavy scratching on this refurbished model, it’s still fully functional and 66% off. You even get a (worn) keyboard cover that isn’t usually included in the price.

Apple iPad 10.2 (2019) – Excellent condition


From: Amazon

Was: £349

(£152.91 off)

The 2019 iPad is still a great choice, especially if you just want a device for entertainment or video calls. And this refurbished version in excellent condition costs 43% less than the tablet did at launch.

Where to find refurbished tablet deals in the UK

Here are the best places to browse for a refurbished tablet, along with any promotions you might be able to use:

Where to find refurbished tablet deals in the US

Here are some great places to try in the US:

What is a refurbished tablet?

A refurbished tablet is one which has been originally sold to someone new, but then returned. This can be due to a fault of some kind, but also simply because the customer used their right to change their mind after buying it.

Refurbished is also used to refer to devices which have been traded in to get a discount on a new one.

Unfortunately, the word refurbished means different things, depending upon who you buy it from.

You might assume that a refurbished tablet has had parts replaced (such as a battery) and any problems fixed. But while some companies put devices through an actual refurbishment process and make it exactly as good as a new model (or as close to it as makes no difference), others simply grade the devices according to their own standards.

However, those standards aren’t comparable between different sellers. A Grade B tablet at one retailer might not be in the same condition as a Grade B from another. But each retailer should include a description of what each of its grades actually means in terms of condition, so it’s important to familiarise yourself with this.

Back Market

Back Market

Back Market

Is refurbished the same as used?

All refurbished devices are technically used, but that doesn’t mean they’re the same thing. ‘Used’ simply means no longer new, which applies to any refurbished device.

But while a device can be sold as ‘used’ by a private seller online, you have to take their word for it on the condition. If you buy a tablet using this method but aren’t happy with the condition, there’s often not much you can do.

However, a ‘refurbished’ device can only be sold by a reputable seller, and has been graded to meet a specific condition. If you’re not happy with the tablet you receive, you can usually get a refund relatively easily. And most refurbished devices also come with at least a few months’ warranty.

For more information on the differences, see our in-depth refurbished vs used comparison.

Is it safe to buy refurbished tablets?

Yes, but only if you buy from a reputable retailer – we’ve recommended some earlier in this article. Several members of the Tech Advisor team have bought refurbished items over the years and haven’t had any issues.

Of course, how to define a ‘reputable’ retailer isn’t always easy. As a general rule, only buy a refurbished device from a retailer that you’d also be willing to buy from new (if they offer these products).

But several companies specialise in refurbished tech, so you might not have heard of them. Here, the big thing to look out for is the warranty offered, plus a clear description of its condition.

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