The 10 Best Sex Swings of 2024: Why You Should Make a Push for One


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Adventurous couples enjoy adding sex toys to sex positions to keep intimacy fresh throughout their relationship. But once you’ve tried numerous vibrators, cock rings, and even long-distance sex toys when apart, it’s natural to wonder what else is out there. Consider love in zero gravity with one of the best sex swings. 

Sex swings may seem a little Fifty Shades of Grey, but they introduce a unique opportunity to experience sex in a new dimension. They open up the door to an exhilarating sensation not found elsewhere, according to Wolfgang and Yvonne (who asked to be referred to by their first names only), owners of the Swiss sex swing company Lonesome Dragon, and all-around sex swing experts.

“It gets you out of the regular bed routine, and with a little nudge (maybe with some toys, some foreplay, etc.), you can make an unforgettable ‘home event’ around the swing,” Wolfgang said.

Based on the criteria Men’s Journal gathered from experts, we found the best sex swing you can buy in 2024 is Rosegasm Pleasure Sex Swing because it’s comfortable, relatively affordable, strong, and stylish. 

What Is a Sex Swing?

A sex swing is a type of sex toy or device that allows you and your partner to try sex positions with less exertion and find new angles for deeper penetration, all while constantly moving. Some of the most popular types include door sex swings (or those that hang from the door frame), ceiling sex swings, and free-standing sex swings. There are even sex swings that hang off you or your partner. Each type is designed to safely and securely handle body weight—in many cases, up to 300 pounds.

The best sex swings allow for flexibility and experimentation among a variety of positions. They can be made from materials like leather, metal, rope, nylon, and wood. If you can dream it, there’s probably a swing for your wants and needs.

Best Sex Swing Overall: Rosegasm Pleasure Sex Swing, From $110

Rosegasm Pleasure Sex Swing is the best overall sex swing for couples.

Courtesy of Lovers

Novelty and comfort are among the top reasons why swings are so popular. Being able to give your partner deep pleasure is made more accessible with Rosegasm Pleasure Sex Swing. It’s made from soft velvet and padded straps, delivering hours of fun without fear of a shoddy setup. The swing has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. One happy customer rated it five stars and said, “I’ve never experienced sex like this before until I bought the swing.” Give Flying Doggy Style a try for deep penetration.

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Best Discreet Sex Swing: Adam & Eve Naughty Couples Door Swing, From $45

Adam & Eve Naughty Couples Door Swing is our pick for the most discreet sex swing.

Courtesy of Adam & Eve

The foolproof installation of a portable sex swing like Adam & Eve Naughty Couples Door Swing is probably why it’s one of the brand’s bestsellers. Simply set this over-the-door sex swing to the desired height for standing sex positions, like Standing Missionary Against a Door or Suspended Oral Sex. Because this rig is portable and compatible with any door, you can take it on vacation (see: best hotels for a sex vacation). It’s also an excellent sex swing for beginners—especially those dabbling in bondage play—as the seat and stirrups are both padded, and it holds up to 220 pounds. One user wrote, “The straps are thick and made right to hold a lot of weight. The only con… is that I didn’t buy it sooner!”  

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Best Door Sex Swing: Sportsheets Special Edition Door Jam Sling, From $80

Sportsheets Special Edition Door Jam Sling is the best door sex swing.

Courtesy of Sportsheets

The Door Jam Sex Swing from Sportsheets is among the easiest to install, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less sturdy. Made from a smooth polyester fabric padded with cushy foam, this door sex swing holds up to 325 pounds. Several positions for deep and continuous penetration can be supported, like Cowgirl, which makes simple work of more tiring positions. People can also use it for solo play with any harness-compatible dildo or bullet. The gold chrome support bars and fully adjustable straps aid in reaching full pleasure in all poses. One shopper who rated it five stars boasted that it’s “supportive, sturdy, and adds a few new dimensions to recess time.” 

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Best Ceiling Sex Swing: Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing, $240

Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing is our pick for the best ceiling sex swings.

Courtesy of Adam & Eve

Experience the ecstasy of weightless sex with Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing. It’s incredibly versatile for standing, tilted, and sitting sex positions, allowing you to explore your wildest dreams without superhuman physical prowess or sexual aptitude. The spring-mounted swing defies gravity and adds power to every thrust, perfect for Sitting Doggy or Face Sitting. For easy transitions, the swivel clip lets you spin your partner in a full circle. This is also a top pick because it can hold up to 350 pounds.

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Best Sex Swing for Support: Bondage Boutique Deluxe Fetish Spinning Sex Swing, $100

Bondage Boutique Deluxe Fetish Spinning Sex Swing is our pick for the best sex swing for support.

Courtesy of Love Honey

A true position enhancer, Bondage Boutique Deluxe Fetish Spinning Sex Swing is made from industrial-quality steel with reinforced support straps that can easily hold up to 330 pounds from the ceiling. Setup is simple: Drill a pilot hole and add the included anchor. This encourages longer sessions without stress on the joints or knees. One customer boasted, “We wanted to freshen things up so took the plunge and bought this swing set. Wow! Why didn’t we do this sooner?” Give Cowgirl a try with the penetrative partner sitting in the swing with the vulva-owner on top.

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More Sex Swings We Love

Best Sex Sling: Purple Reins Sex Sling, $170

Courtesy of Love Honey

We love a good pun, so Purple Reins Sex Sling had to make our list. This hammock-style leather sex sling is entirely adjustable and ultra-padded. It also happens to be a Lovehoney fan favorite. It’s constructed with heavy chains and black leather, giving the styling some edge, and it hangs from just one sturdy carabiner clip, so you can take it down quickly and stash it when not in use. This swing holds up to 220 pounds. Give Suspended 69 a go.

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Best Sex Swing for Anal Sex: Extreme Sling, $320

Courtesy of Adam & Eve

Extreme Sling is one of the best sex swings for anal sex. Made from metal and leather, this swing can handle up to 300 pounds. It supports the entire torso and has a padded headrest, plus stirrups for the feet. More advanced couples will enjoy its ability to enhance dynamic and daring positions. Customers have noted the price tag is worth it, as it’s more comfortable and provides more reliable support than other sex swings on the market. It’s a top-rated Adam & Eve sex swing for those looking for greater anal penetration. 

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Most Versatile Sex Swing: Yoga Swing Pro Premium Aerial Hammock Swing, $49 (was $75)

Courtesy of Amazon

Sometimes the best swing isn’t even intended for sex. In doing research for this story, I stumbled upon a spicy Reddit page where several couples recommended Yoga Swing Pro Premium Aerial Hammock Swing. Made from premium nylon parachute fabric, this swing supports up to 500 pounds. That means it can also serve as a plus-size sex swing. One Reddit user noted, “We’ve had it almost two years now, and it’s held up through all sorts of shenanigans. I just throw it in the washing machine after use.” Users of the Yoga Swing Pro and other trapeze swings mentioned how comfy they are. An easy-to-follow installation guide helps with setup. 

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Best Sex Swing for Plus-Size Couples: Belsiang Spinning Sex Swing, $75

Courtesy of Amazon

Since Amazon sold over a thousand of these last month alone, Belsiang Spinning Sex Swing comes highly recommended. But a closer look into what shoppers are saying reveals it’s a solid option as a bondage sex swing as well as a plus-size sex swing. “I worked at an adult store,” one shopper wrote. “This swing is better than anything we sold there.” Ultra-plush U-shaped cushions help this sex swing score high in comfort and adjustability, and the handcuffs clip on and off with ease for all kinds of sessions. This is a good gateway swing for exploring the realms of BDSM. The hanger can be drilled into wood or concrete and, because it’s made from stainless steel, you get a weight capacity of up to 650 pounds. 

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Best Zero-Gravity Sex Swing: Bondage Love Sling, $23

Courtesy of Amazon

Who needs a door when you can use your partner? This Bondage Love Sling uses the same basic concept as any other sex swing on the list, only the installation is a lot easier. You wear the sling as a harness. This is the best sex sling for true bonding and trust. “I am plus size so I always struggle to find spicy equipment that fits,” one shopper said. “This supports me perfectly, so me and my husband can have a little extra fun.” Soft leather and nylon make the straps breathable, so a long night of use isn’t an issue. 

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Why You Should Trust Me

I’ve been covering sexual wellness and reviewing toys for the past five years. I’ve worked with some of the most reputable sexual wellness brands, including Bellesa, Sweet Vibrations, MysteryVibe, and more, to gain a deeper understanding of what goes into making the best sex toys. With many hours of testing toys, lubes, condoms, and everything in between, I’ve developed uniquely qualified insight and can bring an informative perspective to Men’s Journal.

I opted to interview Wolfgang and Yvonne of Lonesome Dragon for this piece because, as artisans within the sex swing category and advocates for these products, they were specifically qualified to answer my questions and help me identify what to look for in the best sex swings. They’ve spent years noting unsolved needs and wants in this space, dreaming big about the perfect sex swing. And, even though they have achieved a truly unique design of their own, they noted there are always ways to improve and innovate.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Sex Swing?

“We reckon sex often happens in beds, maybe even with the lights off, Wolfgang and Yvonne say. But with sex swings, you’re not hiding or camouflaging anything; you’re more or less “presenting” yourself. “The visual appeal may be a completely new experience.”

Removing the bed from the equation can make sex easier now that gravity isn’t a factor. Some of the best sex swing positions are modified versions of those performed on a surface—think classic missionary, doggy style, and traditional or reverse cowgirl. Performing any of these (or countless others) on a sex swing allows for deeper penetration with an exciting weightless sensation added to the experience.

A swing can also foster a new bond or strengthen an old one through physical closeness, but also through trust.

“It creates a new situation in which you become much more aware of your partner and yourself,” they add. “You look into each other’s eyes. This kind of connection and intimacy increases the attraction and intensity of the moment and the relationship.

How to Find the Best Sex Swing for You

There are two primary types of products—swings and slings. Sex swings are often designed for up to two sexy participants and feature some combination of straps and stirrups. A sex sling, which may look more like a hammock, is more for one person to allow their partner to have full control.

Regardless of the type of sex swing chosen, it should feel comfortable. A comfortable swing is a game changer for people with back pain (or any pain, really), movement restrictions, illness, pregnancy, weight concerns, etc. “We even have customers with paraplegia, and the swing gave them back a new quality of life,” Wolfgang says.

Determining the best sex swing for you and your partner may come with experience. For example, Yvonne bought a regular sex swing years ago. After initially having a spectacular time, she had to give up that model because it couldn’t support her head, her balance was off, and she found herself constantly grasping for straps to support herself—not the sexy time she’d hoped for. Lonesome Dragon was created in the wake of these issues to provide a more comfortable swinging experience.

“Life without a swing is possible, but is it worth it?” Wolfgang jokes. “Everybody should try it at least once.” Wolfgang says an older couple told him, “The only thing we regret is that we didn’t get a swing sooner,” after they purchased one years into their marriage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sex Swings

Are There Different Kinds of Sex Swings?

Short answer—yes. Sex swings and sex slings are the two big categories. What Lonesome Dragon does that sets it apart (aside from being a very cool small independent Swiss business) is that the company’s swings combine the two ideas. 

Can a Sex Swing Spice Up a Relationship?

“Yes, a swing can help some people leave their comfort zone,” Wolfgang says. “Everybody has fantasies, but often partners are afraid to talk about them.” Getting a swing might be the first step to finding out that your partner wants to be less vanilla. “It’s the door opener for a spicy future with sharing fantasies.”

Are Sex Swings Hard to Install?

No—you just need something to hang them on. Of course, a one-point suspension swing or a free-standing sex swing is easier to work with, but Wolfgang and Yvonne always recommend a swing hook in the ceiling or a ceiling mount. Even for people who cannot hang the swing from the ceiling, there are other easy options, like a bottom stand/frame, a wall stand, or even a wall mount.

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