Texas Lt Gov: 'Deep State' Working to Take Down Biden, Install Michelle Obama


Texas Republican Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said that former President Barack Obama’s “deep state” is moving to prevent Joe Biden from being the Democratic nominee for president and install Michelle Obama.

Writing on X, Patrick said:

“I’ve said for over a year many times that Joe Biden would not be on the ticket and Michelle Obama would be the likely nominee.”

“It’s clear the Democrat deep state run by Barack Obama knew they had to take him down to give them a chance in November.”

Patrick noted the recent report from special counsel Robert Hur, who said Biden would not face criminal charges for handling classified documents due to his “poor memory.”

Biden lashed out at media members who brought up the report earlier this week.

Patrick contends the report as a set piece on Biden:

“They set him up in the report, calling him a ‘sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory,’” he wrote.

“They could have protected him by putting him in the Oval Office to read a statement with no press questions. Instead, they sent him out and fed him to the press, where he was a total embarrassment. He doesn’t have a memory, and Kamala doesn’t have a brain. Now they have a real problem.”

The news comes amid rumors that former First Lady Michelle Obama might be in the sleeper stage as the Democratic presidential candidate.

As we highlighted last month, NYP columnist Cindy Adams, Michelle Obama surveyed “Dem biggies” about a potential presidential candidacy and reportedly told a gathering of CEOs in New York she was running.

Michelle Obama has been popping up more in the headlines, too.

Last week, we reported the former First Lady said she was scared about what would happen in the 2024 presidential election, admitting it keeps her up at night.

But despite the rumors, Michelle Obama has made no announcements about her intention to run for president.

Former Bush strategist Karl Rove also called the rumors that Michelle Obama might run as a Democratic presidential candidate “pure lunacy.”

But not everyone is convinced.

The Daily Fetched reported in September that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said Michelle Obama would be the Democrat Party’s 2024 nominee.

“Don’t be surprised. But I still say it’ll be Michelle O’ #2024Election. Biden’s out,” Palin wrote on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

American voters are not buying claims that Michelle Obama has no intention to run either.

As we reported earlier this month, more bets are being placed on Michelle Obama winning the presidency than Joe Biden, despite her not announcing she is even running (yet).

According to GB News, Betfair exchange has seen 10.9 percent of bets in 2024 placed on Obama as the winner.

Meanwhile, Biden only garnered 10.6 percent to become president.

Donald Trump’s odds have shortened to 6/5 (45% chance), making him the favorite, While Biden is 2/1 (33% chance).

Are we witnessing the controlled demolition of Joe Biden to make way for Michele Obama?

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