Terry Dubrow Slams Kelly Clarkson for 'Ozempic Shaming'


Botched star Dr. Terry Dubrow slammed Kelly Clarkson for “Ozempic shaming” after she admitted to using a weight loss drug but specifically said it was not the famed semaglutide favored by many stars.

“I think it’s kind of honesty adjacent. Because if you don’t want to admit to Ozempic and you want to say it’s another medication, there’s only one other medication, and that’s Mounjaro,” Terry, 65, told TMZ on Thursday, May 16.

The plastic surgeon continued, “Mounjaro is better and it works faster, but to kind of say ‘It’s not Ozempic but it’s another medication’ lends to keeping with Ozempic shaming still … Like it’s still not OK to just to say, ‘I’m on a miracle weight loss drug.’”

Terry is a fan of Ozempic and has used the weight loss drug himself. “Let’s just say it. Let’s just celebrate it,” he said of stars being more open to saying they’ve taken or are using the semaglutide.

The E! star continued, “Thank you Kelly Clarkson for admitting to it. I think it’s fantastic. I just want to reinforce the idea that we should normalize the use of these weight loss drugs.” Terry added that Kelly “looks amazing and is amazing.”

The “Love So Soft” singer revealed for the first time that she used a weight loss drug for her body transformation during the Monday, May 13, episode of her daytime talk show.

Guest Whoopi Goldberg discussed her recent weight loss from using “that wonderful shot that works for folks that need some help.” The View host previously revealed that her weight loss was thanks to the type 2 diabetes drug Mounjaro.

Kelly, 42, responded, “My doctor chased me for, like, two years and I was like, ‘No, I’m afraid of it. I already have thyroid problems.’ I was afraid. Everyone thinks it’s Ozempic. It’s not. It’s something else. But it’s something that aids in breaking down the sugar. Obviously, my body doesn’t do it right.”

Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

The Grammy winner had previously gone on the record in November 2023 to say her dramatic weight loss was due to eating a meat-rich high protein diet and that “walking in the city is quite the workout,” referring to New York City after moving her show there for season 5.

Fans took to X after Kelly’s weight loss drug admission to say that they felt the “Stronger” singer misled them.

“I’m not mad that Kelly Clarkson lost weight. Not mad that she took a weight loss drug. I’m mad that she made other women feel inadequate and like failures when ‘walking more and eating meat’ didn’t work for them,” one person wrote.

“I love Kelly Clarkson, but we all knew it was medication, no one can lose that amount of weight on walking + gummies yet by sticking to the story, many women believed they too could emulate the results with zero chance of success. Just tell the truth. So disappointed in her,” another let-down fan posted.

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