Telling Black Children They’re ‘Permanently Oppressed’ Is Racist, Mom Says In Condemnation Of Critical Race Theory – JP


A mother gave a speech to the Florida State Board of Education on Thursday criticizing critical race theory and demanding it be removed from the classroom.

Keisha King, a mother from Duval County, called it “unacceptable” to emphasize racial differences 100 years after the Tulsa riots at a public meeting of the Florida State Board of Education. The board voted unanimously at the meeting in favor of an amendment to ban critical race theory in classrooms, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

“Just coming off of May 31st, marking the 100 years of the Tulsa riots, it is sad that we are even contemplating something like critical race theory, where children will be separated by their skin color and deemed permanently oppressors or oppressed in 2021,” King said.

King spoke representing Moms for Liberty, an organization for parents who “have a desire to stand up for parental rights at all levels of government,” according to their website.

“That is not teaching the truth, unless you believe that whites are better than blacks. I have personally heard teachers teaching critical race theory and we have had an assembly shutdown because a Duval County Public School System consultant thought it would be a great idea to separate students by race. This is unacceptable,” she added.

Before the vote, Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis addressed the board remotely, saying that the state must have an education system that chooses “facts” over “narrative,” according to the Tampa Bay Times. Residents argued for both sides of the issue for more than an hour of public testimony.

“I don’t know about you, but telling my child or any child that they are in a permanent oppressed status in America because they are black is racist, and saying that white people are automatically above me, my children or any child is racist as well,” King said.

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