Tayler Hansen reveals how easy and lucrative it is for Americans to aid cartels in human trafficking of illegal immigrants


TENET Media reporter Tayler Hansen reported that he had set up a human smuggling transaction with a cartel member as part of an undercover operation to expose how American citizens collude with the cartels to smuggle illegal immigrants into the country.

Hansen revealed that social media sites such as TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and Dating Apps are used by the cartels to recruit American citizens into their smuggling operations. Hansen has a long history of covering the crisis at the US-Mexico border and revealed that Catholic charities have also been involved in aiding illegal immgrants in their journey north.

The reporter said he first made contact with one of the cartel members on TikTok. Their conversation moved over to the direct messaging site WhatsApp, which Hansen said resulted in “setting up a successful pickup.”

The journalist explained that he was offered $4,000 per illegal immigrant. The deal included Hansen picking up six illegal immigrants for a grand total of $24,000.

Hansen explained that he was not carrying out this crime, but rather revealing the operations behind the human smuggling business.

“It kind of gives you an insight on how much money people that are actually working for these cartels are making in this situation,” said Hansen.

The journalist said the cartel member conducting the pickup resided in Piedras, Mexico and the pickup was scheduled to happen in Eagle Pass, Texas.

He insisted on Hansen using a van for the pickup so they could fit as many illegal immigrants in it as they could. The cartel member also told the journalist that they would give him a detection every 20 or 30 mins to avoid border patrol.

Watch the full expose here.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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