'Superman' Star Dean Cain Gives Biden A Brutal Reality Check


Actor Dean Cain, famed for his role in “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” took to social media to challenge President Joe Biden’s understanding of constitutional law.

Biden, who made a call for a larger Democratic majority in Congress to pass a new law protecting Roe v. Wade, faced Cain’s blunt response on the feasibility of such an action.

Cain challenged the President’s understanding of the legal process and the separation of powers within the U.S. government, saying, “You can’t ‘restore’ Roe, you idiot. The Supreme Court tossed it. They are a coequal branch of government.”

The President’s tweet from Thursday, encouraged voters to give him a Democratic House of Representatives and a larger Democratic Senate, promising to sign a law immediately to restore and protect Roe v. Wade if achieved.

Cain’s response not only challenged the feasibility of Biden’s proposal but also highlighted a fundamental aspect of American governance — the distinct powers of the government’s branches. Cain, while an actor by profession, has been vocal about his political views, often aligning with conservative perspectives.






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