Summer House's Carl on Returning to Loverboy After Lindsay Split


Summer House star Carl Radke teases his career plans following his split from Lindsay Hubbard during an exclusive interview with Life & Style.

After fans watched Lindsay, 37, admit she had concerns about Carl’s career trajectory during season 8 of the Bravo show, he reveals what his career looks like today since he returned to working with costars Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula at Loverboy to launch non-alcoholic teas.

“It’s been great to be back. I am so proud of what Kyle and Amanda built and for me to be a big part of it,” Carl, 39, exclusively tells Life & Style while promoting his partnership with Goldfish. “I think stepping away was good for me for the time being.”

Carl says it was an “amazing feeling” when Kyle, 41, presented the non-alcoholic beverage idea to him. “I wanted really badly to be part of that,” he shares about returning to Loverboy, which he initially quit before filming season 7.

“But I also have some other things that I’d like to do, too,” the reality star continues. “Kyle was allowing me on a part time basis to come back, really focus on what I’m good at with Loverboy, which is the marketing and business development, sales, building relationships and having fun with the brand. So that’s allowed me some flexibility.”

In addition to being back at Loverboy, Carl says he has other exciting projects in the works. “I have a movie coming out later this year. I’m working on another venture,” he says, teasing that it’s related to a bar. “I’m really leaning into some of these things that maybe I was kind of considering last summer that I’ve been able to work on over the last six, seven months since we wrapped filming.”

“I’m looking forward to this summer,” he concludes, adding that it “feels really good to be back” working with Kyle and Amanda, 32.

After Carl and Lindsay got engaged in August 2022, the pair later called it quits in August 2022. While their split hasn’t been documented on the current season 8 yet, fans have watched the pair have several fights that revealed cracks in their relationship. During the April 24 episode, Lindsay expressed her concerns that Carl wasn’t making enough money after he left Loverboy. Carl then revealed he wanted to open a sober sports bar, though the former publicist shut down the idea because she had no interest in working in hospitality.

Not only did Carl share insight into his career plans, but he and costars Carl, Amanda and Ciara Miller open up about their partnership with Goldfish as they launch their Old Bay seasoned crackers during their conversation with Life & Style.

“Goldfish is something that I’ve been buying for the house for years. I think it was season 3 that I took over buying groceries and Goldfish was always in the order,” Amanda explains. “People have been hoarding it in their rooms. We’ve always had the huge family sized box. We’ve had to order multiple of them.”

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Amanda says that the housemates are all “big snackers,” while Ciara, 28, shares that she loves the brand’s Old Bay flavor because it’s “such a nostalgic flavor and seasoning.”

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