Stephen A. Smith Takes Blowtorch To Democrats' Migrant Policies: 'That's Why' Trump Will Be Re-Elected


Renowned sports commentator Stephen A. Smith took aim at the Democratic Party’s handling of migrant policies Thursday, expressing his frustration over a gross misallocation of resources. Known for his no-holds-barred analysis, he did not mince words.

Smith zeroed in on the visible hardships faced by American citizens every day. “I see homeless folks in the streets of New York all the time that are American citizens. I damn sure see them in California.”

Smith, continued, “What about poor and desolate citizens here? How the hell do you print money for foreign countries but don’t print that money to help eradicate folks that are starving right here in the streets of America?”

Smith’s critique went deeper, touching on the economic strains facing the average American. “Milk don’t need to cost $7. Bread don’t need to cost $5.”


The commentator did not stop at highlighting problems but also pointed to the political implications of the issues. “That’s why Trump is on the verge of getting elected, re-elected. Because when he was in office there was a flourishing economy,” Smith explained.

Smith, a well-known sports television personality, sports radio host, and sports journalist in the United States, is most recognized for his work on ESPN, especially as a commentator on “First Take,” a popular sports talk show. He is known for his outspoken opinions, lively debates, and in-depth analyses of various sports topics, particularly in the NBA and NFL.

His distinctive style, marked by his passionate and sometimes polarizing takes, has made him one of the most prominent figures in sports media.






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