Star Actress Olivia Munn Reveals 'Terrifying' Medical Procedure


Actress Olivia Munn publicly shared her intense and personal battle with invasive breast cancer, marking a profoundly challenging year that included multiple surgeries and medically induced menopause. Supported by her partner John Mulaney and their two-year-old son, Munn’s journey is now a fight for survival.

In a deeply personal post shared on her Instagram in March, Munn revealed her diagnosis of breast cancer. Known for her roles in “The Newsroom” and “X-Men: Apocalypse,” she detailed the sequence of events that led to her diagnosis, after the actress was diagnosed with Luminal B cancer in both breasts, a type known for its aggressive and fast-moving nature.

“For the first time in my life, I’m not thinking about the past, I’m not thinking about the future, I’m just thinking about today,” Munn said, reflecting on her new outlook on life post-diagnosis. “I’ve always been thoughtful about keeping in line with my doctors and being proactive about stuff, but obviously having a kid, you know, you just start to plan your life better and try to be here as long as you can, and those things were at the forefront of my brain,” she told PEOPLE.

Munn’s ordeal began with a series of tests after her initial mammogram came back clear. Despite negative results for the BRCA gene and other cancer markers, a high-risk assessment prompted further investigation. “It’s 37.3%. And I want you to go get an MRI,” her doctor insisted after a revealing risk assessment. The subsequent MRI and ultrasound uncovered multiple tumors, necessitating urgent biopsies. Describing the harrowing wait for her biopsy results, Munn recounted the chilling moment of diagnosis: “I just blurted out, ‘Is it cancer?’ and she said it is.”

Determined to fight for her family, Munn underwent a double mastectomy. “I think about my baby… about how I’m going to tell John… just scared,” she shared about her fears. Her treatment journey was grueling, with post-surgery realities hitting hard when she tried to lift her son but couldn’t. “He just sat on my leg and goes, ‘But Mama, pick you up.’ It was probably one of the hardest things,” Munn recalled painfully.

“Thankfully I have John who just did so much and took such great care of me and Malcolm,” Munn said.


Munn gained recognition for her versatility and talent in both television and film. She spent much of her early life in Japan before returning to the United States, where she pursued her education and later, her acting career. She first came into the public eye as a host on the gaming network G4, particularly on the show “Attack of the Show!” where she quickly became popular for her charismatic presence and humor. She is perhaps best known for her work in the HBO drama series “The Newsroom,” where she played the sharp-witted financial reporter Sloan Sabbith.

Despite the challenges, Munn’s spirit remains unbroken. She spoke about the impact of her condition on her body image and her deep gratitude for being able to fight this battle. “I’m extremely happy that I had the option to have a double mastectomy. I’m extremely happy that I got the opportunity to fight,” she said. The journey through cancer has also reshaped her understanding of life’s fragility and beauty. “This is what it looks like with the expanders. Now, it’s different once you actually do the reconstruction,” she noted.

ThroughOUT her interview, Munn hopes to encourage other women to be vigilant about their health. “Talking about this publicly has healed me a lot,” she said. “Knowing how many women have made calls to their doctors… has really filled me with joy and happiness.”

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