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I won’t spend too long on this guy. Mike Johnson sold out fast, and took a large chunk of our freedoms with his. His wide-eyed Christianity and the published story of his life meant nothing, apparently – to him especially.

When he came out of nowhere as our Speaker of the House nominee, he told us all about his life and modest goals. “All I’d ever wanted to be was a fireman,” he was quoted as saying in a Politico article. A near-death experience by his father, who was a fireman, brought Johnson closer to God he said.

Johnson and his wife were married in ‘“covenant marriage”, a religious ceremony that makes divorce much more difficult and less likely. They have (or had) a podcast called “Truth Be Told”.

He was first elected to Congress from AL, in 2016. Mike Johnson, an attorney, was the one who wrote up the legal opinion that Nancy Peolsi’s fit of pique when she tore up Trump’s State of the Union address was a felony. Bold move for a new guy on the block! Maybe this meant he was a strong conservative.

He’d supported the obvious facts about the stolen election. In September, 2023, he voted, with 92 other Rep[ublicans, to cut off military assistance to Ukraine.

Tucker Carlson later suggested that he had been blackmailed. That would surely explain the abrupt about-face. I still would expect better from a devout Christian, however. Why not just come out and SAY what they threatened you with? Seems like that might just prevent things from going down, and cause an enemy regrouping.

What we DO know, for absolute certain, is that Speaker Mike Johnson, LA, is a traitor to America, and thus, the next obvious choice for inclusion in Kat’s Traitor Locator. From being an honest man who knew the truth about 2020, he turned to dirt in just six months.

Leaves us wondering what his God and his wife have to say about the nation’s newest turncoat.

No need to go further.

GovTrak.US is the very best online site for finding Congressional roll-call votes, by bill. Many of you already know about it. Everybody should use it as we circle traitors to show them up.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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