‘Sopranos’ star Drea de Matteo tells Donald Trump Jr. many Hollywood celebs oppose Biden agenda, too scared to speak out


Speaking with Donald Trump Jr. in a recent episode of his podcast Triggered, actress Drea de Matteo of Sopranos fame said that people in Hollywood are “petrified” to speak out against the Biden administration.

De Matteo, best known for her role as Adriana La Cerva in The Sopranos, held up a red hat that read “close the border you moron,” and said she no longer felt the same way about Biden after previously voting for him.

Discussing the topic of illegal immigration under Biden’s term, de Matteo said, “When you let that many able-bodied men come over here in that way, with, you know, things on their ankles and all that … I just don’t know that they’re here to support the American people.”

“I’d say that’s a really safe bet,” Trump Jr. said.

Trump Jr. asked if there were conservatives and people in Hollywood who “had the guts” to speak out like de Matteo has done, but are afraid to speak up against “oppressive government regimes” and don’t want to change their “good life” in Hollywood.  

De Matteo said she didn’t initially want to fight, saying she didn’t think she had “the voice” or “the balls” to do so, but was “thrown to the wolves.”

“Once I was out there, I was like, I’m out here. What am I gonna do? I’m out of my cage, like I may as well just, you know, do what I got to do,” she said, adding that she felt supported by her boyfriend, her children, and God. 

She said her children “believe in what we believe in, which is freedom and unity — the right way, not unity the way this administration was trying to push, case that bullsh*t.”

She said that Biden and his administration have taken “every social agenda” and use them “as pawns to further their administration.” She said they “did nothing but divide people.”

“This administration has just been hammering all of these things,” she said, “and people in Hollywood are petrified. What, are you going to speak out against race, and sex, and all of that stuff? People are afraid to have those conversations, because first of all, you never win with a liberal, you’re just never gonna win.”

“I’m just so liberal that I’m conservative at this point,” she said.

Speaking on Trump Jr.’s father, former President Donald Trump, de Matteo said “I don’t think he cares about that stuff as much.”

“I think he cares about what’s really going on, which is behind the scenes, and those are the things that need to be addressed before anybody is going to have freedom with any social issues,” she said.

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