So what if OpenAI Sora didn’t create the mind-blowing Balloon Head video without assistance – I still think it’s incredible


Sora fans just learned a hard lesson: filmmakers will be filmmakers and will do what’s necessary to make their creations as convincing and eye-popping as possible. But if this made them think less of OpenAI’s generative AI video platform, they’re wrong.

When OpenAI handed an early version of the generative Video AI platform to a bunch of creatives, one team – Shy Kids – created an unforgettable video of a man with a yellow balloon for a head. Many declared Air Head to be a weird and powerful breakthrough, but a behind-the-scenes video has cast a rather different spin on it. And it turns out that as good as Sora is at generating video from test prompts, there were many things that the platform either couldn’t do or didn’t produce just as the filmmakers wanted.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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