Snopes Quietly Changes Fact-Check on Ashley Biden Diary from 'Unproven' to 'True'


Fact-checking website Snopes has changed a fact check about a diary belonging to Ashley Biden, President Joe Biden’s daughter, from “unproven” to “true.”

Snopes describes Ashley Biden’s diary and the content of “actions taken toward her” by the president when she was a child as not appropriate.”

The news comes just a month after Ashley Biden wrote a letter on April 8 to Chief Judge Laura Taylor Swain of the Southern District of New York.

The younger Biden acknowledged the existence of the diary, writing she was “deeply saddened” to “even have to write” the letter because her diary had been “stolen and sold for profit.”

“The reason I have decided to not attend tomorrow’s sentencing in person is because it would only increase my pain,” Ashley Biden wrote.

“Nonetheless, I write to ask Your Honor to sentence the defendant to time in prison.”

Snopes wrote in their article changing the rating of the fact check of Ashley Biden’s diary from “Unproven” to “True:”

“On April 29, 2024, Snopes changed the rating of this fact check from “Unproven” to “True” based on testimony provided by Ashley Biden. In an April 8 letter to a New York judge requesting jail time for one of the two people convicted of stealing her diary, Biden wrote, “I will forever have to deal with the fact that my personal journal can be viewed online.”

The National File was the first to report on Ashley Biden’s diary in October 2020, stating that a Project Veritas whistleblower gave them a digital copy of the diary.

In August 2022, Aimee Harris and Robert Kurlander pleaded guilty to stealing and selling the diary for $40,000.

In April, the Department of Justice asked Judge Swain to sentence the woman who had stolen Ashley Biden’s diary to four to ten months in prison.

This came after prosecutors requested Harris serve six months in prison.

However, after she moved her hearing date a dozen times, prosecutors sought to increase the sentence.

Judge Swain sentenced Harris to serve one month in prison and three months on house arrest for having stolen and sold Ashley Biden’s diary.

Kurlander, who has also pleaded guilty, has not yet been sentenced.

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