Slovakian PM Says Ukraine War 'Futile Waste Of Human Resources & Money' – JP


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In a stunning reveal of truth telling and courage, Slovakian Prime Minister has declared the Ukraine war is a ‘futile waste of human resources and money’.

This comes on the heels of JP reporting yesterday in the Baltics, President Zelenskiy admitting most of the aid went to American defense companies in the U.S., and that no money exists to pay Ukrainian pensions, and the ‘weapons warehouses are empty’.

Fico is a member of the left Smer party in Slovakia and has pointed out that NATO leaders and the US have “repeatedly erred in assessing” the real state of the war, reported Zero Hedge.

He articulated that it’s largely the false “black-and-white vision” of the war, a simplistic narrative “desired in Washington or Brussels,” which has resulted in blunder after blunder, and greater suffering for all during an unnecessarily protracted conflict. Fico described the now proxy war as a “futile waste of human resources and money” that the Western allies got painfully wrong.

“Russia responded to the security situation and Ukraine’s pressure to join NATO by violating international law, using military force without an international mandate…Big countries often do that, let’s see what the US accomplished in Iraq.”

“And the West, instead of immediately making every effort to achieve a quick ceasefire, at the beginning of 2022 without even losing a tenth to Ukraine, made a huge mistake,” he continued. “[The West] incorrectly evaluated the use of Russian military force as an opportunity to bring Russia to its knees.”

“Russia completely controls the occupied territories militarily, Ukraine is not capable of any meaningful military counter-offensive, [and] it has become completely dependent on financial aid from the West with unforeseeable consequences for Ukrainians in the years to come,” he explained.

“The position of the Ukrainian president is shaken, while the Russian president increases and strengthens his political support,” Fico continued, pointing out that “neither the Russian economy nor the Russian currency collapsed, [and] anti-Russian sanctions have increased the internal self-sufficiency of this huge country.”

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