SHOCKING: Study Reveals Stunningly High Incidence of Personality Disorders in Transgenders


If you have heard any transgender activists speak in recent years (and how could you not?), one thing that comes through loud and clear is that many, if not most, of these people are incredibly narcissistic. If you don’t affirm them or use their ‘preferred pronouns,’ you are LITERALLY GENOCIDING THEM. They don’t care about the rights of other people — for instance, the right of women to have private spaces or compete in sports just against other women — only their own ‘rights.’ And, of course, God forbid you utter a heresy such as ‘men cannot have babies.’ They’ll never stop screeching at you. 

Many on the right, and even in the middle, have often said that most of these people suffer from mental illness and severe personality disorders. But, of course, the TRAs and their media lackeys always dismiss these obvious observations as ‘right-wing extremism’ (even when it comes from liberals like Bridget Phetasy or Bari Weiss). 

But now, we have some scientific evidence that what everyone has always observed is correct. A recently released research study from 2014 has indicated a ridiculously high level of personality disorders in transgender patients.  

[Before we get into this, a disclaimer. We are aware that this study comes out of Iran, not exactly a bastion of tolerance for divergent personalities. So, we do take it with a grain of salt. However, all three professors who conducted the study are accredited professors of psychology with dozens of published research papers each within and outside of Iran dealing with the psychological effects of numerous issues, including diabetes, surgery, food addiction, COVID-19, and many more. They also used accepted testing methods in their research. You can read the full study here.]


The numbers speak for themselves. EIGHTY-ONE PERCENT frequency of personality disorders revealed in a study of nearly 100 patients. Fifty-seven percent with narcissistic personality disorder, thirty-four percent with masochistic-sadistic personality disorder, almost twenty-six percent with paranoid personality disorder, and the list goes on. 

Peterson and Walsh, two of the most outspoken opponents of the gender cult, have some experience with this. In Walsh’s case, the experience has come with the violent threats he has received from these people. Peterson, on the other hand, has direct clinical knowledge about the matter. 

Moreover, as the results indicate and given the baseline, it’s clear that many of the transgender subjects had more than one of these personality disorders.

Shocking? Or not at all shocking? 

No one seems particularly surprised at the findings, do they?

They’ll either try to take it down or discredit it based on the nation of origin of the study. Probably both. 

No, this type of logic and reason is not allowed on college campuses. They might even force you to go to ‘re-education camp,’ like they’re doing to Peterson in Canada.

That is a real problem. People are so busy ‘affirming’ mental illness, they have no time for treating it.

Because there’s a lot less money in that for the medical establishment. 

Not only are they horrific, but sterilization and mutilation don’t seem to be all that ‘science-based,’ do they? Instead, they tell parents the demonstrable lie that their children might commit suicide if they don’t transition. Pure Mengele stuff there.  

Sorry, Dylan Mulveney. We will never normalize ‘women’ with ‘bulges.’

That is a very good question. We’d love to see a more recent study — from objective researchers and psychiatrists —  especially from a Western nation.

Until that happens, it is difficult to dispute the results of this Iranian research when it gibes so much with what transgenders exhibit — and we all observe — so often in everyday life.

* * *

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