SEO Jobs in Fremont, CA (2024 Case Study)


We looked into 181 full-time and part-time SEO jobs in Fremont, CA, to learn more about SEO specialist jobs in the area.Here’s what we discovered:Key TakeawaysJob descriptions in Fremont, CA, have a 58.1% higher salary than average.Out of hybrid, remote, and on-site, 73.5% of jobs are on-site.The most demanded skill is an understanding of search engine optimization.The Average Salary for SEO Jobs in Fremont, CA, is $101,239 (58.1% More Than the National Average)After reviewing 181 job details, we found that the right candidate can receive an above-average SEO salary of $101,239. The national average is $64,032.These jobs, unlike other locations in the state, have a great salary range from $50k to $105k+.Fremont, CA, has 92.5% More SEO Job OpportunitiesCompared to the 100 locations we researched, we found that Fremont, CA, has 92.5% more SEO job opportunities.The job types available are full and part-time:These digital jobs come from top companies like Gen Digital, Mizuho OSI, Optoma Technology, Stingray Direct, Putnam Mazda, Salvation Army, Continental Western Corporation, Abbott Laboratories, Spear Marketing Group, etc.73.5% of Fremont, CA Jobs are On-SiteAlongside this, 73.5% of all jobs in this location are on-site. There is, however, a nice amount of hybrid work (22.1%) but not so much remote work (4.4%).96% of Jobs in Fremont, CA, Require a Bachelor’s Degree or HigherBecause of the high pay, mostly all jobs require a bachelor’s degree or, even higher, a master’s degree.For those with an associate degree or perhaps even a high school degree, there are some entry-level jobs, just not as many.Most Jobs Require Mid-Level Experience in Fremont, CAFor experience, most SEO jobs in Fremont, CA, require at least a mid-level position. However, surprisingly, entry-level and senior-level are equally in demand.Top 5 Demanded SEO Skills in Fremont, CAWhen you view jobs for SEO in Fremont, CA, you’ll notice a common occurrence of skills. These include:SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Understanding of Google Analytics, SEO marketing campaigns, SEO best practices, Google Search Console, SEO tools, lead generation, keyword research, etc.Social Media Marketing: Ability to perform social media management to boost social and organic traffic and use social and content marketing as part of SEO strategies.Keyword Research: Have a good track record and problem-solving abilities when it comes to creating keyword strategies for traffic growth, topical authority, and conversions.Marketing Automation: Using machine learning and automation, like email marketing, to boost marketing efficiency and results.Performance Marketing: Being a data-driven individual, by turning data into SEO stratergies that complete a goal.These are the main skills that make you an ideal candidate. However, you also have skills that are less in demand that may help you when looking for an SEO job.For instance, Google Ads knowledge, being a web designer, or having specific experience, like being a strong social media specialist.ConclusionFor qualified applicants in Fremont or near Fremont, such as San Jose, CA, or Santa Clara, CA, Fremont presents a great SEO job market.Of most of the locations we reviewed, Fremont had some of the highest salaries yet some of the lowest senior-level roles, meaning those with mid-level experience can earn a great annual salary here.One last note: if this seems overwhelming, you should consider getting an SEO career mentor or learning an SEO training curriculum like Gotch SEO Academy.You may also like:

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