Senate Republicans Help Dems Bloat National Debt – Pass $95 Billion for Endless Wars – JP


The state of your dollar just took another kick to the McNuggets. The US Senate has passed a 95 billion dollar “aid” package to the Military-industrial complex under the guise of supporting wars in Ukraine and Israel, planned war in Southeast Asia, and nothing for US Border Security.

On Feb. 4, the Senate unveiled the text of a bipartisan national security bill to provide aid to Ukraine during its war against Russia and Israel during its conflict with Hamas, along with border security provisions, though it was rejected by the body on Feb. 7 after Republicans deemed the latter provisions inadequate to mitigate illegal immigration. A new version of the bill, stripped of such provisions, was passed by the Senate on Tuesday at 6:37 AM by a vote of 70 yeas to 29 nays in extraordinary circumstances, after the Senate remained in session throughout the night.

Remember when Trump couldn’t get a few billion to finish the southern border wall? The same sort of deterrent Democrats use to protect their homes and neighborhoods. It’s pretty uninviting, a wall (it looks like we need one on the northern border now, too). And if you remind the world that we’re not an open door and will follow existing law, there is less incentive for third parties to pay for ships, busses, trains, and planes filled with third-worlders and move them to places from which they cannot advance into the US.

Alternately, even just one billion would provide travel costs to return a significant number of illegals loitering in local hotels, rec centers, airports, and street corners. Put them on a bus to the airport (unless they are living at the airport) and send them back, or – better yet – ship them to Geroge Soros’ home(s), Bill Gates Estate, and Barry Obama’s island mansion.

In Massachusetts, Boston City Councilwoman Julia Mejia is asking residents to open their homes to the invaders. She says it is a shared responsibility. No. Following the law is a shared responsibility, and the Biden administration and Democrat cities and states have been ignoring it for years. Now that they know what that looks like, they’d like to blame and burden you.

Councilwoman Julia Mejia, to the best of our knowledge, has not opened her home up to any illegals as the Democrat Administrations she supports (Boston, Massachusetts, and Biden) continue to violate the law to the detriment of actual citizens and taxpayers.

While in Congress, the people we elected to protect us from the government use it to destroy our savings and our nation.

I think Mr. Trump would have had this all worked out long ago by not blocking a peace deal between Ukraine and Russia. Biden did that. Back in 2022, his administration got Boris Johnson to convince Ukraine to bail on a peace deal that would have ended the conflict maybe tens of billions of US dollars ago and a lot of lost Ukrainian lives (for those of you still standing with Ukraine).

You’d be right to ask why.


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