Saira Rao 'Genuinely Terrified' by Zionist Doctors Treating Muslim and Black Patients


If you ask a university professor if people can be racist against whites, they’ll say that it’s not possible. The whole country was founded and built on whiteness, and therefore whites have all of the privileges. Whites are the oppressors, and therefore anything you say that might be construed as racist is just speaking truth to power.

Sairo Rao managed to garner a book deal out of being an anti-white racist. She’s declared that “whiteness is terrorism” and that white people wake up every day and choose violence. For $2,500 Rao, “who identifies as Indian American,” will come to dinner at your house and tell you and seven other white women how racist you are.

Rao has come to the terrifying realization that many American doctors and nurses are Zionists, and she fears for their Muslim and black patients.

Readers added context

There is no recorded data of American zionist doctors intentionally harming or mistreating Arab, Muslim, Palestinian, Black, or brown patients.

Important context is that Israeli hospitals routinely cure Palestinians, including Hamas leaders and their families.

 Rao was backed up by Rupa Marya, co-author of “INFLAMED: Deep Medicine and the Anatomy of Injustice.”

Marya posted a really long thread we won’t bother with here, but here’s how she wrapped it up:


“Address the issue. If you can,” she says while locking down replies.

We fear for her Jewish patients too.

It’s not an ad hominem attack to call you an antisemite if you’re a blatant antisemite. It figures she’s affiliated with a university. We fear for her Jewish students.


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