Russia Launches Attacks Into Kharkiv Region To Create 'Buffer Zone' – JP


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Around 0500 hours local time on 10 May 2024, Russian forces attempted to launch an offensive towards Ukraine’s second city, Kharkiv, in northeastern Ukraine, reports Inkerman.

The offensive, which came as a surprise, is one of the most major Russian cross-border land offensives since the start of the conflict in February 2022. Russian forces advanced around Morokhovets, Oliynykove, and Hatyshche. Airstrikes also hit targets in the region.

Authorities in Vovchansk, around 75 km northeast of Kharkiv have said that civilians are being evacuated as one person was killed and at least five injured. Russian forces have reportedly pushed around 1 km inside the Ukrainian border near Vovchansk, around 6 km in Krasne, west of Vovchansk and elsewhere attacked from Zhuravlevka in Russia’s Belgorod Oblast, with Russian sources claiming that Russia has occupied Hoptivka near the Russian border, although this has not yet been confirmed.

Russia aims to create a ‘buffer zone’ to secure its border regions from Ukrainian attacks.

Ukraine reports the attacks have been repelled but his is not confirmed.

Ukrainian forces attacked Belgorod this evening, with some attacks getting through hitting residential buildings reported pro-Russian Telegram channels.

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