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Russell Brand has been an openly spiritual person, but his recent conversion to Christianity has many asking if he’s truly a Christian or simply a New Ager.

“He’s certainly a critical thinker,” Allie Beth Stuckey says. “Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen him question a lot of progressive propaganda and I would say just mainstream propaganda.”

Stuckey believes it’s possible that Brand’s skepticism has led him down a path toward Christianity.

“These powerful institutions are not worth placing our hope and trust in, and when you start to realize that, when you start to realize that all of these man-made entities are filled with sinful and deceitful people and we still find ourselves longing for someone to be in charge of us, longing for someone to give us order, longing for someone to tell us the truth.”

“That can really only be fulfilled not through the government, not through the state, not through health entities, not through scientists, but through the God who created all things, who transcends all earthly power,” Stuckey continues.

While no one can truly be sure what Brand’s true intentions are, it’s not on us to decide.

“I am hopeful, I am optimistic in the same way that I was with Kanye West. And as I said last week with Jason Whitlock, I do not regret being hopeful about West,” Stuckey explains.

Just as she doesn’t regret being hopeful for Kanye West, who has recently announced his new porn website — she won’t regret being hopeful for Russell Brand.

“I will pray for him as I pray for all of us, and I will pray especially though for someone like him, who does have a public platform and will be receiving a lot of push back and a lot of temptation, maybe even more than most, just that he would stay grounded and rooted in Christ.”

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