Romanian Chief Of Staff Says His Country Must Prepare For War


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In an interview with European media, the Chief of Staff of the Romanian Army, Lieutenant General Gheorghița Vlad, declared that Romanians should “worry and we must adopt the appropriate measures to be prepared” for war, along with other countries of the European Union.

Repeating globalist talking points, General Vlad said that he does not believe that Russia will stop at Ukraine and that it will target the Republic of Moldova next if it takes Ukraine. He added that there will be tensions in the Western Balkans as well.

“I think not a single second should be wasted. It is a time when all European nations must think about preparing their population,” Vlad concluded. The General’s statements contradict those of the Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu who said a few days earlier that, “It is not necessary to prepare for war.”

Clearly, the globalist rulers in Brussels and Washington were taken aback by Ciolacu’s remarks and called on the Romanian Chief of Staff to make it clear that Romania is not deviating from the globalist agenda and talking points. What is clear is that there is a concerted effort to escalate tensions in Europe.

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