Republika Srpska Prepares To Declare Independence From Bosnia


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In response to a draft UN resolution set to declare July 11 as “The International Day of Reflection and Remembrance of the 1995 Srebrenica Genocide”, a move intended to condemn and humiliate Bosnian Serbs, Republika Srpska is preparing to declare independence from the Muslim-dominated state. The President of Republika Srpska said that the resolution is an act that destroys everything and if it is adopted, there is no reason for Bosnia and Herzegovina to function.

“They are trying at all costs to ‘push through’ the resolution on Srebrenica in the UN General Assembly. Many scoundrels have gathered who want to do this against the Republika Srpska, and this is nothing new, bearing in mind that all this time they have been trying to inflict some harm on the Republic itself,” Dodik told the media.

“We have no right to be naive, because this is something that has not been seen before in the U.N., especially since it is sponsored by countries that have a very difficult history of genocide behind them, that need to whitewash that history, and they do it on us,” the Serbian leader said in reference to the sponsors of the resolution, which include Germany, Rwanda, the United States, and France.

When it comes to Srebrenica, Dodik pointed out, there is no generally accepted evidence that a genocide took place in Srebrenica. “There was serious suffering and crime committed by the Serbian side against Muslim soldiers and a part of prisoners, but no liquidation was carried out against the civilian population. An elementary condition was not created, so that something could be declared genocide.”

Dodik points out that the judgments passed in The Hague referred to individuals, not to a nation as a whole. “The judgments that were in The Hague, and to which they refer, refer to individuals. No to multiplicity and this is the way to push the story of multiplicity. They deliberately do not mention somewhere that it is a collective, but the very possibility that everyone can interpret as they want will always lead to the side that the Serbs did it.”

President Dodik said that in response to the resolution on Srebrenica, Republic Srpska will initiate the process of independence. “I am proud of the determination to implement these measures, regarding independence.”

“The Bosnian Muslim elite destroyed the entire structure, with the help of the international sector, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The genocide in Srebrenica didn’t happen, if it did, there would be no need to constantly bring up that topic,” Dodik added. “The courts that ruled, those convictions refer to individuals, not to the people.” He points out that 4,100 Muslims were killed in the area of ​​Srebrenica from 1992 to 1995, and there is no mention anywhere between 2,500 and 3,500 Serbs who were killed there. Genocide is a fabrication that will tear us apart. They are trying to force us to stay, besides the fact that they are smearing us. They want to make Srebrenica synonymous with genocide, and it is still not known how many people actually died.”

“Peaceful partition is the only solution for all peoples in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Dodik concluded.

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