Reminder: 70% of Democrats Approve of Government Censorship and Dem Candidates Should Be Asked if They Agree – JP


Last summer, a surprising bit of polling emerged from the Pew Research Center. It asked respondents about their tolerance for censorship by the government or big tech. A surprising number of Americans said they supported it, but a supermajority of Democrats were all in.

The secret to getting such high numbers, in my opinion, was how the questions were framed. They asked what they thought about moderating false information but without any reference to the mass of false information, misinformation, disinformation, and deceitful prebunking coming from big tech and the government.

At its core, the survey is misleading, but it is difficult to get past the Left’s quick and ready embrace of censorship, even if it limits freedom of information.



This deliberate embrace of censorship strikes me as a rhetorical cudgel as we approach the November elections. For all the talk of banning books that are still readily available with a click, Democrats are clearly the party of censorship, even if free speech suffers. Any Republican who fails to see the opportunity needs to open their eyes.

Candidate x, a Pew Research Poll, shows that 70% of Democrats approved of the government censoring speech even if it limited legitimate free speech. Do you agree with the majority of Democrats?

If they try to dodge it by leaning into the disinformation misinformation false-information narrative, say something like, what – like the Hunter Biden laptop? Or, how does the COVID-19 vaccine stops infection and spread, or how it is safe and effective, or do you mean the Steele Dossier?

Those were all government disinformation misinformation campaigns that interfered with elections and undermined informed consent and bodily autonomy. Masks, distancing, and lockdowns were also both disinformation and misinformation, and the key in all these examples is that those of us who challenged them early and often were fighting false information and censored by Big Tech, often at the behest of the government.

The government will censor the truth to protect its lies, and after all of that, 70% of Democrats still support more of the same.

I think Democrat candidates should be forced to run on that or at least defend it.


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