Relax, Soothe Sore Muscles, and Improve Your Health With the 10 Best Outdoor Saunas for Your Home


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Saunas, including the best outdoor saunas, have been around for centuries, and for good reason. If you’ve ever used a sauna, particularly some of the best outdoor models, you can probably attest to how relaxing the experience is and how open and flexible your sore muscles feel after using it. Yes, saunas can help us decompress and soothe achy muscles and joints, but studies also show they have quite a few health benefits beyond that.

Research is limited, but some evidence shows that infrared saunas in particular may help normalize blood pressure, treat congestive heart failure, and reduce chronic pain. Infrared saunas also might help you fall asleep more easily and could even make you less likely to catch the common cold.

While you might have access to a sauna at your local gym, if you’ve ever dreamed of having one in your home, we can’t blame you. If you’re in the market for an outdoor sauna, we’ve got you covered: Here are the 10 absolute best outdoor saunas you can buy right now for your home. 

10 Best Outdoor Saunas 2024

1. Sun Home Luminar 5-Person Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna, $9,099 (was $9,699) at Sun Home Saunas

Courtesy of Sun Home Saunas

Also named the best outdoor sauna by Sports Illustrated and Rolling Stone Magazine, the Sun Home Luminar is equipped with an impressive 15 total high-output eaters, 10 of which are full-spectrum and five far infrared (FIR). Built to withstand all types of weather, this outdoor smart sauna uses heat-treated carbonized wood and panoramic double-pane glass.

The Sun Home Luminar also includes a mobile app-enabled control center, Bluetooth surround sound, medical-grade chromotherapy, and exterior LED lighting. With an 82-inch height and width, this five-person sauna offers a premium experience to anyone who uses it, and shoppers rave about their purchase.

One five-star reviewer called it the: “Best outdoor sauna in the world. Period.” They added: “I’ve had my Luminar for a few months now and I’m considering charging my neighbors since there’s always a line at my door to use it.

But seriously, I can confidently say this is the nicest sauna that I’ve ever used or even seen. The lighting and design are stunning and the performance of the heaters is unmatched. Highly recommend investing in a Luminar if you have the means.”

2. Kanlanth Hemlock Infrared Sauna, $3,399 (was $4,299) at Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

If you’re in the market for a budget-friendly infrared sauna, consider the Kanlanth Hemlock on Amazon. Waterproof and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this glass-door sauna includes chromotherapy lights, a top vent, and indoor LED lights for reading.

Suitable for about four people at a time, this sauna uses eight Carbon Crystal Far Infrared Low EMF Heating Plates and heats up within 10 to 15 minutes, the speed that five-star reviewers attest to.

While glass doors give it a sleek and modern look, keep in mind that glass is more breakable than wood, so this outdoor sauna should be handled with extra care.

3. Kisrais Single-Person Sauna, $2,370 at Wayfair

Courtesy of Wayfair

If you’re shopping for an outdoor sauna on a budget, consider this one from Ksrais at Wayfair. This one-person wooden sauna is made of natural Chinese fir, which is both fragrant and healing.

This sauna is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, has a maximum temperature of 149 degrees Fahrenheit, and is Bluetooth-compatible, weather-resistant, anti-microbial, and durable.

One point worth noting, though, is that assembly is required for this sauna. If that’s not your thing, you might want to opt for a different pick. And while its small size may be a perk for some, especially if you’re working with a tight space, the Ksrais sauna can only fit one person at a time. 

4. SunRay Burlington Two-Person Outdoor Sauna, $3,290 at Walmart

Courtesy of Walmart

With a pitched roof and rain cover, this sauna is ideal for smaller outdoor spaces like porches and patios. The SunRay Burlington two-person sauna uses six ceramic heaters to help you reach your desired temperature, interior LED lighting, a Bluetooth speaker system, cupholders for when you need a sip of water, and more.
This two-person sauna, which has an 83-inch height and 57-inch width does require assembly, so keep that in mind before purchasing. Made of Canadian hemlock wood and boasting a sleek, cozy design, there’s a lot to love about this affordable pick. 

5. Almost Heaven Seneca Sauna, $8,899 at  The Home Depot

Courtesy of Home Depot

This 6-foot by 6-foot canopy-style sauna is made of western cedar wood and can fit up to four people. The durable cedar wood is resistant to mold and rot and can withstand tough outdoor conditions.

Equipped with two full-sized benches, up to six people comfortably fit in this sauna. The Almost Heaven Seneca sauna’s temperature can reach up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit in an hour, and it comes with convenient accessories like a magazine rack, shelf for your drinks, leg and backrest, and a hook for robes.

If you want to customize your sauna, you can pick your wood type, door, windows, heater, and lighting on Almost Heaven’s website.

6. Aleko Canadian 8-Person Traditional Steam Sauna, $7,488 at Wayfair

Courtesy of Wayfair

If you’re willing to splurge on a sauna that can fit up to eight people, this traditional steam sauna is a great pick. With a 7-foot width and height and made from durable wood material, this water-resistant sauna has a maximum temperature of 194 degrees.

One thing worth noting with a traditional steam sauna is that it takes longer to warm up than an infrared sauna (about an hour, compared to 10 to 15 minutes). Assembly is also required for this sauna, so make sure you have a few people around to help you put it together. 

7. Thermowood Garden Sauna, $7,999 at Redwood Outdoors

Courtesy of Redwood Outdoors

Another great pick for large groups, this sauna from Redwood Outdoors is made of interlocking, sustainably harvested Scandinavian wood planks that expand and contract naturally so they can hold more heat.

Made to fit eight people, this sauna includes a high-quality heater made in Finland, two-level benches and wifi controls. You can also add certain features to your sauna on Redwood Outdoors’ website, such as roof shingles, an adjustable sauna recliner, an outdoor shower and more.

8. Dundalk Leisure Canadian Timber Cabin Sauna, $6,922 (was $7,922) at My Sauna World

Courtesy of My Sauna World

This elegant, cozy sauna cabin won’t just give you all the benefits of having a sauna—it will also serve as a stunning decorative touch for larger backyards. This hand-crafted, eco-friendly white cedar sauna can hold up to six people and includes a premium shingle roof.

For heating, you can select a heater option, but the Dundalk Timber Cabin sauna also includes a unique woodburning option. Complete with solid wood benches, this is one of the coziest sauna options out there. 

9. Thermowood Mini-Cube Two-Person Sauna, $4,999 at Redwood Outdoors

Courtesy of Redwood Outdoors

If you’re working with limited space, this compact sauna is perfect for urban backyards. Made of heat-treated Scandinavian softwood, this elegant and simple sauna can hold up to two people and includes a Finland-made Hervia sauna heater.

Manual or wifi-control heater options are available for this sauna, and while assembly is required, Redwood Outdoors’ website promises that anyone with “novice woodworking skills” can assemble the mini cube sauna in four hours. 

10. HKXSC 905VS Outdoor Infrared 5-Person Sauna, $4,699 (was $5,299) at HKXSC


This outdoor infrared sauna from HKXSC is made of solid American fir wood, and is resistant to both high and low temperatures. It can actually withstand temperatures as low as -5 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It features a 6mm tempered glass door that securely locks temperature outside. 

It can fit up to five people at a time, and comes with lots of fun features, including two Bluetooth stereos, two reading lights, and five chromotherapy multicolor lights. All these are controllable from the LCD control panel within. 

Whether you’re seeking therapeutic relief, relaxation, or simply a luxurious addition to your lifestyle, the options highlighted in this article cater to various needs and budgets. Don’t wait any longer to transform your home into a haven of relaxation and health. Choose your perfect outdoor sauna today and step into a world of comfort and wellness right in your own backyard. 

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