Reality Check: Guess Who Kills Transgender People the Most?


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Victimhood is the fuel that drives the transgender-industrial complex. And when fuel is scarce, the Pravda press apparatchiks don’t mind fudging the data to get what they need.

The trans community can’t exist without a never-ending cascade of transphobic boogeymen who roam the nation, committing phantom murders of trans dudes.

According to the victimhood-addicted members of the transgender community, your typical man in lipstick takes his life in his hands every time he leaves the house. We are led to believe that MAGA-capped “transphobic” peckerwoods lurk behind every pickup steering wheel, looking to pounce on a bearded lady.

But here’s the fun part: there are too few victims of anti-trans attacks, especially murders, to carry on the masquerade. As I’ve proven before, and am about to again, the trans folks walk on water, and they do so quite safely. 

FACT-O-RAMA!  The trans ghouls driving the victimhood machine screeched that a “non-binary” girl in Oklahoma was “murdered” for he gender identity. Sadly, she killed herself, but that didn’t stop the miscreants from playing the victim card in her memory. releases a yearly count of supposed trans murders. Let’s break down their “data” and see what we learn about the 35 trans people who “died by violence” in 2023.

Of the “35 trans and non-binary people who died by violence” in 2023, four died after being hit by a car. One of the four had just been “assaulted” near a gay bar and wandered injured into the street. The other three were hit by cars, and the cops have no reason to believe they were run over for being trans.

One victim had “detransitioned” but was included in the list anyway.

One trans person was killed by a lunatic on a mass killing spree. Trans hatred was not considered to be a factor in this murder. 

Another was murdered along with a non-trans person in a home invasion. Three other non-trans people were shot and survived. No bigotry is suspected.

Yet another trans person got into a fight in a parking lot with a food deliveryman who asked, “Are you waiting for a food delivery, sir?” The trans person took offense, and a fight broke out. The deliveryman shot the victims and called 911. He was arrested for 2nd-degree murder.

Another was killed in a shoot-out between police and Antifa over the building of a law enforcement training facility under construction near Atlanta. Shooting at the police has consequences.

Two were killed while fighting security guards after trying to shoplift, one of whom was also homeless.

One homeless tran person was stabbed to death, but there was no known motive.

There were two cases where “transphobia” clearly played a part. “Cashay” Henderson was shot in his car by a man who described the victim as a “disgusting (explicit) tran.” It’s unknown what their relationship was.

Another man living as a woman was killed after providing oral s*x to a man who claimed he had become “suspicious” and “had to do it.” This tells me that the man didn’t know that his “Juliet” was actually a Romeo, or he knew and wanted to kill his paramour and keep the tryst a secret.

Another trans person was killed when a man tried to steal the victim’s two phones as he believed there was something “incriminating” on them.

“Koko Da Doll” was a known prostitute who was shot and killed by a 17-year-old male. No name or description of the perp was given.

“KC” Johnson was killed by a man he met on a “dating” app. The victim had a partner who told police the killer was mad at the victim, and the victim claimed he’d be back in an hour. This sounds a bit like prostitution, which runs rampant in the trans community.

“Ashia” Davis was killed in a seedy motel in Highland Park, Mich. by a man who entered the hotel room and ran out 18 minutes later.

FACT-O-RAMA! If the Detroit metro area needed an enema (it does), they’d put the hose in Highland Park. This small town is encircled by the Motor City and scores 4% out of 100% for safety, meaning 96% of the nation’s cities are safer.

So if you take out the seven trans trans people hit by cars or killed while committing a crime, several prostitutes, and a homeless person, we are left with six killed with no known motives/suspects and one inconvenient truth: that the majority of trans people are killed by current or former romantic partners.

FACT-O-RAMA! Roughly 57.5% of all transgendered people murdered are killed by current or former “trans Casanovas,” not bigots.

One thing the victim-industrial complex gets right is that most of the trans people killed are black. They somehow fail to mention that in every case of a black trans person murdered with a known killer, all of the suspects were black. Two trans people were killed in Puerto Rico by Puerto Rican men. Almost every trans person was killed by someone of the same race.

Many of the murders were declared by law enforcement as showing no signs of a “hate crime.”

Of the 35 trans or non-binary “lost to violence,” only 28 were actual crime victims. Most of them were killed with guns and a few with knives. 

No MAGA hats were reported at any of the crime scenes. 

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