American patriots from sea to shining sea are dedicating their expertise and influence to restoring the freest, most prosperous country that has ever existed. In interviews with JP, election-integrity activist Mike Lindell, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, medical freedom leader Dr. Robert Malone, and former Director of Strategic Communications for Trump’s 2020 campaign Marc Lotter discuss their latest efforts to put American first.  

Time stamps:

@ 1:00 | The former director of strategic communications for Trump’s 2020 campaign, who now works with the America First Policy Institute, Marc Lotter discusses anti-Trump lawfare and Biden’s impressive fundraising; 

@ 11:40 | Dr. Robert Malone talks about the public’s distrust of the jab and the persistence of vaccine propaganda; 

@ 22:45 | Texas’s Attorney General Ken Paxton talks about restoring the AG’s ability to address election fraud; 

@ 33:00 | Election-integrity activist Mike Lindell shares what he’s been working on to restore election integrity. It’s quite impressive. 

Watch the full TNA interviews:

Ken Paxton: Clean Up Texas Criminal Court of Appeals

Mike Lindell: Stopping 2024 Election Fraud

Dr. Robert Malone: International Crisis Summit vs. Globalism and PsyWars

Marc Lotter: Totalitarian Lawfare Against Donald Trump