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The left is really in a bind. On one hand, they’re desperate to soothe their raging Stage 5 TDS by seeing Trump in jail. But with these flimsy cases piling up, their best shot at seeing him in a jumpsuit might just be if he “violates” Judge Merchan’s unconstitutional gag order. Many argue his order is less about justice and more about protecting his radical left-wing daughter and her business interests. Meanwhile, Trump has been slapped with contempt of court for the 10th time, just for exercising his First Amendment rights—so much for the “land of the free,” huh?

Washington Post:

New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan ruled Monday that Donald Trump again violated his gag order in the New York hush money trial, and he warned that he would consider jailing the former president if the violations continue. After the ruling, testimony included retired Trump Organization comptroller Jeffrey McConney talking about business records and practices that are at the heart of the case. Merchan sent the jury home for the day shortly after 4 p.m.

Trump’s gag order prohibits him from commenting on jurors and witnesses in the case, among others. The judge previously found him in contempt for violating the order nine times, and prosecutors later accused Trump of violating the order four more times.

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Many Dems are salivating at the thought of their fantastical arch-nemesis behind bars.

When asked if New York City’s Rikers Island could handle jailing Trump, NYC’s disgraced Mayor Eric Adams confidently said that the city’s corrections officials “will be ready.”

But is the Democratic Party truly prepared for the fallout of putting the 2024 frontrunner in one of America’s most notorious prisons?

While they might relish the idea of Trump behind bars, they must consider the cost they will pay for it. Deep down, most of them realize that President Trump would spin any stint in jail into a PR bonanza, using that “Art of the Deal” magic that he’s famous for. This quote from Trump’s bestselling book says it all:

“When people treat me badly or unfairly or try to take advantage of me, my general attitude, all my life, has been to fight back very hard. The risk is you’ll make a bad situation worse, and I certainly don’t recommend this approach to everyone. But my experience is that if you’re fighting for something you believe in — even if it means alienating some people along the way — things usually work out for the best in the end.”

Go ahead, Dems, pull the trigger. Send President Trump, the frontrunner for the 2024 election, to jail and watch what happens next.

Some on the left already know what will happen, as you can see by the title of this Express article that really says it all—it practically drips with fear and insecurity, yet it’s sprinkled with just enough common sense to make even the most crazy left-wing Trump-hater stop and think.

Daily Express US:

Neama Rahmani, a former federal prosecutor at West Coast Trial Lawyers, exclusively told Daily Express US that Trump being sent to jail would likely cause “mass protests and civil unrest.”


Rahmani – who believes the Republican would head to Rikers Island if found to have breached an order – said he is concerned with how some Trump supporters could react.

Of what the experience could look like, he said: “That’s the most likely. Obviously, you’re talking about Trump having Secret Service protection, even in jail. So logistically, it would be a nightmare…I don’t know if Rikers could accommodate that.

“We’ve never had a situation where there’s been an inmate that had protection like that…but Rikers would be the most likely given the proximity to the courthouse.”

He added: “It may lead to mass protests and civil unrest. [Trump] would rail out on Truth Social. And the thought of Trump being jailed for any period of time is problematic from a public policy perspective.

“The country is already so divided. And there are a significant percentage of American people that believe that Trump is being treated unfairly and railroaded by our criminal justice system…But just the images or videos of him in custody, I mean that would really be something else.”

But that’s not all. Some of the more prescient deep state Democrats fear that putting Trump in jail will only make him stronger:

It seems that the former president’s poll numbers would go up even more if he is jailed, Rahmani said.

Rahmani said: “It’s never happened, you know, a former president, and maybe the next president, being jailed.

“I would say any other defendant or any other candidate in the country, they would see their poll numbers tank.”

Rahmani added: “But Trump is an enigma every time he’s indicted. When he faces some sort of civil or criminal legal problem, his poll numbers seem to bounce.

“He will take advantage of it financially and politically. He’s always come out ahead.”

The art of the deal, indeed.

Right now, the uniparty, driven by the radical left-wing Dems, has morphed the US into a sad shadow of a North Korean regime—think unconstitutional censorship, jailing political opponents, kangaroo courts, and rigged elections. The next logical step for these tyrants is to lock up the frontrunner in the upcoming presidential election. Trump is ready, willing, and able to go to jail if it means highlighting the havoc the uniparty is wreaking on our country, global reputation, and freedoms. The big question is, will the left actually pull the trigger and put him behind bars? Or will a flicker of sanity win out over the mental madness of Stage 5 TDS? Only time will tell. Stay tuned and brace yourselves, because Trump just might be getting ready to make Rikers great again.


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