'Propaganda is Not History': Huge Account Claiming to Be Source of Black History Spreads Trayvon Myth


The left never allows a narrative to die. It has been 12 years since then-17-year-old Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman after an altercation where Zimmerman claimed self-defense. He was later acquitted of all charges. Nevertheless, Trayvon was taken by the left and turned into a symbol of racial oppression and activists have exploited his death ever since.

While his death was certainly controversial, anyone who claims to present historical facts should have the ethics to present them objectively even when they are unfavorable to the overall narrative.

One would think.

To provide some context, @AfricanArchives boasts, 967.5k followers. They even got a basic detail wrong as the day commemorates his birthday and not the day of his death.


Despite the facts of the case and the jury verdict after a long media campaign to paint Zimmerman in the worst light possible, even fabricating the term, ‘White Hispanic,’ to cement the racial angle, activists refuse to let the story go.

The mythology is far more powerful than the reality.

Lies have consequences.

The Trayvon Martin case reminds us of how powerful the media is in shaping narratives and convincing people of the ‘truth’ they want everyone to believe. Facts rarely matter or sway public opinion. It’s been 12 years and we’re still fighting over it.

When self-proclaimed and influential history organizations choose activism over reporting the facts, it will only get worse.


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