Pro-Life Spiderman Climbs Giant Las Vegas Sphere Before Super Bowl to Protest Abortion


A noted pro-life activist known as the “pro-life Spiderman” has climbed the giant Sphere in Las Vegas on the eve of Sunday’s Superbowl.

This week, Maison Des Champs climbed the largest spherical building in the world, standing at 366 feet high and 516 feet wide.

Dubbed the “pro-life Spiderman”, Des Champs conquered the giant structure to raise awareness about abortion as well as raise money for a pregnant mother in a crisis pregnancy.

His climb was planned to coincide with Superbowl LVIII, which takes place in Las Vegas on Sunday.

Des Champs said: “Over 2,000 children meet their demise through abortion every day in America, but we’ve grown apathetic about it.

“We care more about seeing Taylor Swift on the kiss cam than a third of our generation that has been wiped from abortion.”

The young American has gained notoriety in recent years after scaling several US skyscrapers as part of his pro-life activism. In 2022, he climbed to the top of the 60-story Salesforce Tower, San Francisco’s tallest building, as reported by SPUC.

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“The mission is simple”, Des Champs explains: “Destroy what is evil and protect what is innocent… not to blame women but instead to support them. Women have become victims of cultural and societal pressures.”

SPUC comment

A SPUC spokesperson said: “Maison Des Champs’s brave and imaginative climbs on behalf of mothers and their unborn children is a peaceful method of protest and fundraising that seeks to bring about a world where abortion is unthinkable.

“Every small step begins with one brave individual daring to believe that we can all help bring about this new world.

“While the task may seem insurmountable, Maison shows that where there is a willingness to act, there is always hope. While there is, of course, a mountain to climb, we have already begun that ascent.”

LifeNews Note: Courtesy of SPUC. The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children is a leading pro-life organization in the United Kingdom.

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