Pro-Life Group Calls on EU to Oppose Making Abortion a Constitutional Right


This Thursday, 11th April, the European Parliament is due to vote on a resolution “on the inclusion of the right to abortion in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights”.* This is the last item on the voting session of this Brussels mini-plenary and was tabled as a joint resolution by MEPs from the groups Renew Europe, S&D, GUE/NGL, and the Greens/EFA.

Pro Life Campaign spokesperson Eilís Mulroy said:

“With an increasingly competitive European Parliament election being held in Ireland on 7th June, thousands of voters in Ireland will want to know where our EU representatives stand on whether a so-called ‘right’ to abortion should be placed in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. Any Irish MEPs voting in favour of this extreme measure will need to justify it to their constituents.

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“If adopted, this motion would misconstrue a deeply contentious issue, the legal regulation of the ending of unborn human life, as a ‘right’. This places undue pressure on member states such as Poland, Malta and Slovakia. It would generate significant opposition from millions of EU citizens who fundamentally reject the false premise that abortion should be considered a ‘fundamental right’.

“All candidates seeking election to the European Parliament across Ireland’s three constituencies should unambiguously explain where they stand on this issue and how they will or would vote on it. The Pro Life Campaign will consider the voting record and public statements of candidates a matter of critical importance as we seek to inform pro-life voters ahead of the European elections on 7th June.”

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