Prishtina Cuts Off Cash To Serbs In Northern Kosovo In A Renewed Effort At Ethnic Cleansing


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The Board of the Central Bank of Kosovo adopted a new regulation on cash operations in the autonomous province, declaring that the only currency that can be used in the province for both cash and e-transactions is the Euro. This decision will enter into force on February 1 and will effectively cut off cash supplies from Serbia to the Serbian population in northern Kosovo.

The move is an example of what Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić warned about, which is that the regime in Prishtina intends to make the life of the Serbian people in the province even more difficult, or practically impossible.

Marko Miškeljin, from the Center for Social Stability, told the Serbian News Agency, “If we talk about the cessation of payment transactions, it will be impossible to pay salaries, pensions, aid, and all other financial means the state pays, and practically no one will be able to receive RSD.”

Although Western leaders, who prop up the Kosovo regime, understand the negative implication of this latest move designed to escalate tensions in the region, Miškeljin said “I’m afraid that both [Miroslav] Lajčak’s and general appeals within the EU will remain, as in previous situations, only verbal. On the other hand, our people are in a very unenviable situation, and I hope that this time those who have the mechanisms to pressure the Prishtina administration will bring Prishtina to their senses, especially because in this case, they threaten the existence [of Serbs].”

Miškeljin added that he believes that Serbia will find a way to support its people and that the state will not allow Serbs in Kosovo to run out of money, while pointing out that this is not an adequate solution.

Milovan Drecun, president of the Parliamentary Committee for Kosovo and Metohija told the Serbian News Agency that “Pristina’s cessation of payment transactions with central Serbia represents perhaps the most serious threat to the survival of the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija and their lives,”

Drecun added, “without the financial support that comes from Belgrade, which amounts to over 100 million euros annually through the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, the Serbian people cannot be counted on to survive in Kosovo and Metohija…. If Prishtina wants to stop it, then it shows the clear intention that it wants to make it impossible for Serbs to have a normal life in Kosovo and Metohija and to survive there.”

“Now everything depends on the assessment of the leading Western countries, whether they will allow Kurti to implement that measure and thereby, through pressure on the Serbian people, actually put pressure on Belgrade to be more lenient in accepting the Franco-German proposal of the agreement, or whether the West will understand that it is a border that, if crossed, can completely collapse the dialogue and further destabilize the situation,” Drecun concluded.

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