President Trump's Teamsters Meeting Highlights His Strategy of Grabbing A Chunk of Union Votes


Last Updated on January 31, 2024

President Donald J. Trump met with leaders of the Teamsters union on Wednesday as middle-class and working-class voters largely wake up to the economic devastation of the Biden regime and hope for a more stable option to vote for in 2024.

“Stranger things have happened. Usually a Republican wouldn’t get that endorsement. Usually they only do Democrats. But my case is different because I’ve employed thousands of Teamsters,” Trump said of the possibility of scoring the Teamsters endorsement. Even without a formal endorsement from the union, it’s clear that Trump is angling to peel off a good chunk of union voters and union members who disagree with Big Labor’s pro-Democrat policies.

Obviously, the destruction of the American economy under Joe Biden is a clear motivator for workers to seek an alternative to the globalist Democrat party.

“Union bosses are saying even if they’re endorsing Biden like UAW (United Auto Workers) that many of the members are going to be voting for Trump. So that’s the trick there,” political analyst Bob Cusack said on Fox News in an interview with Neil Cavuto. “How do they get the rank-and-file to get behind them, the presidents and the boards and the hierarchies. “I think this is because Trump has remade the Republican Party….”

If Trump cuts into Biden’s share of union voters in a significant way, he will increase his already solid chances of winning back the presidency.

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