President Trump SLAMS judge in defamation case for refusing to let him go to mother-in-law’s funeral


Donald Trump laid into US District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan after he refused to delay a trial date pertaining to the defamation case with E. Jean Carroll after being requested to do so the former president could attend the funeral of his mother-in-law. 

“Now, because I want to be at this Witch Hunt 100% of the time and watch what is going on, my attorneys asked the Judge for a one day delay so that I can attend the funeral of my beloved mother-in-law, with my wife and entire family, tomorrow in Palm Beach, Florida,” Trump posted Wednesday on Truth Social.

In a video addressing this matter, Trump said that a “trial like this is not an emergency in terms of timing” and that his lawyers commented it would be “demeaning” for him to be forced to miss the funeral in order to attend such a trial.

“That’s a nasty man,” Trump said of Kaplan. “He’s a nasty judge. He’s a Trump-hating guy, and it’s obvious to everybody in the court. It’s a disgrace frankly, what’s happening it’s a disgrace. Happens to be a Clinton appointment, but I’m sure that has nothing to do with it.”

The former president said that he had “no idea” who E. Jean Carroll was before the trial started, and the the entire process is “a totally rigged deal” as well as a form of “election interference.”

This controversy comes just after Trump dared Kaplan to kick him out of the courtroom after a contentious exchange in which the judge had said the former president “has the right to be present here” but that it “can be forfeited if he is disruptive.”

Las Vegas News Magazine

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