President Of Republika Srpska Declares Europe Has Lost Its Christian Foundations


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In an interview for Serbian media, Milorad Dodik, President of Republika Srpska declared that “The EU has lost its European values and Christian foundations and has allowed America to interfere in its politics.” Republika has been under immense pressure with Biden Administration threatening military action to subdue the autonomous component of Bosnia.

“I can say that the Union has lost its European values. They allowed America to interfere in their politics. They thought that with joint efforts they would damage and destroy Russia, but the structures of the Russian Federation have only become economically stronger since the sanctions were introduced,” Dodik explained.

The President of Republika Srpska stated that “Europe lacks a leader who will lead it forward and who can unite it,” noting that Germany currently does not have a person who can lead the country in the right direction.

“They allowed themselves to become involved in the war against Russia by the USA. Germany currently has no oil, gas, or minerals. The EU invested huge amounts of money in Ukraine, and that investment did not bring results. Also, Europe has lost its competitiveness when it comes to artificial intelligence. The EU is now on a difficult path and will hardly be able to survive,” Dodik opined.

Dodik said “there are more and more Eurosceptics in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The EU seemed attractive a few years ago, but now, for example, mass strikes are taking place in Germany, which was simply impossible for anyone to do five years ago.”

Milorad Dodik also pointed out that the EU has changed the criteria for membership, and that among the 18 countries, any of them would have a hard time fulfilling the conditions that Brussels is now imposing on Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“The administration in Brussels and the ruling elites have allowed Europe to lose its Christian foundations and respect exclusively American goals,” Dodik concluded. “However, these are not European goals, but let’s wait for the elections for the Euro structures in June and see what will change. We are not ready to give up our sovereignty or to accept unnatural values, such as LGBT and similar things that they are trying to impose on us.”

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