Predicting each NHL All-Star’s second-half impact: Who will define trade season, playoff races?


The NHL All-Star break is practically a sabbatical, as the league’s 32 teams all have bye weeks scheduled around this weekend’s festivities in Toronto. It means a solid block of time to spend with loved ones, recharge weary bodies and reset mentally before the second half of the season begins.

That goes for the participants in NHL All-Star Weekend as well, even though their break involves glad-handing sponsors, playing Connor McDavid’s skills competition reindeer games and trying not to suck wind during the 3-on-3 games on Saturday. It’s a bit more taxing than, say, swinging in a hammock on a Mexican beach. But it also isn’t the grind of the playoff race, either.

But the grind begins again soon, not only for those players chasing the Stanley Cup but the ones who are pursuing individual awards, statistical benchmarks, new contracts or simply a strong finish to a disappointing season — possibly with another team.

We’ve placed each player in one of the 2024 NHL All-Star tiers, taking into account how their season has been, where it might be headed and the roles they’ll play in shaping that future.

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