Peter Doocy STUNS John Kirby in Back and Forth About Illegals Crossing Biden's Southern Border (Watch)


Peter Doocy is doing his fair share of holding this crap administration accountable for their policies leaving our border open and making it easier for illegals to enter the country. Almost as if they are doing it on purpose.

Hint, they are.

This back and forth between him and John Kirby about the southern border is *CHEF’S KISS*.

Wait. Did he seriously say, ‘We aren’t. Why do you think we are?’


You sued to stop Texas from keeping them OUT. We SAW it.

No, they hope we are.

Let’s hope more of us start figuring it out.

Probably because Doocy decimated her on this very topic only yesterday.

And not in a funny way.

Good point. They’re shocked that any member of the press would DARE tell the truth about Biden’s administration and their efforts to allow millions of illegals into this country while pretending they’ve secured the border.


Truth hurts?



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