PETA Dances on the Grave of a Beloved Mascot


University of Georgia alumni and fans are in mourning this week after the passing of the football team’s former mascot, Uga X, whose actual name was Que. Que passed away on Tuesday, less than a year after passing the collar on to Boom, who took the title Uga XI.

“Que retired following the 2022 season after becoming the most decorated of all the Bulldog mascots,” the University of Georgia announced in a press release. “He compiled a football record of 91-18, presided over two SEC titles and the 2021 and 2022 College Football Playoff national championships, and seven New Year’s Six bowl appearances.”

The Uga line began in 1956 when students Frank and Cecelia Seiler brought their white English bulldog puppy to a game. Since then, descendants of that original dog have been the Uga mascots, and the Seiler family has taken care of all of them.

“Things will be a little different around the house for a while,” said Charles Seiler, Frank and Cecelia’s son, who oversees the dogs in the Uga line.  “Que traditionally starts barking for his breakfast around 5:30 a.m.   This morning, Boom waited until 6:00 a.m. to let us know he was ready for his breakfast so he’ll be a little later each day.”

Que’s first game as Uga X in 2015 coincided with the debut of a beloved tradition at UGA football and basketball games:

Pure white English bulldogs have loads of health problems; they’re genetic trainwrecks in a lot of ways. But the Seiler family takes care of the Uga line with a lifestyle that would make most people jealous. The Athletic’s Jeff Schultz told the tale in a 2021 feature:

Uga has his own Athens hotel suite with the team on game weekends. He knows where the room is — when the elevator doors open, he steps out, turns left, and walks to the end of the hall. (I know the room number, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy.)

Uga sits comfortably in an air-conditioned dog house that sits near the corner of the end zone at Sanford Stadium. It’s so heavy it takes a forklift to move, and it’s so unique that Georgia Power did an energy audit on it. When the dog house isn’t available on the road, he’ll lounge on ice bags near a box fan.

Uga travels in a decked-out, smoke-tinted-windows Chevy Suburban with “MASCOT” plates and a UGA logo…

Dogs in the Uga line have attended the Heisman Trophy ceremony, made the cover of Sports Illustrated, and appeared in movies. There’s no denying that Uga lives a charmed life.

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Nevertheless, in circumstances like this, PETA is always going to PETA. The animal-rights killjoy organization barely let the news of Uga X’s death circulate before posting on X/Twitter:

A community note later appeared on the tweet, stating that “There has never been a report that UGA [sic] suffered or struggled to breathe and he lived a normal lifespan for his breed.” Que lived longer than most English bulldogs do. 

This isn’t the first time PETA has targeted Uga. In Jan. 2022 shortly after the Georgia Bulldogs won their second consecutive national championship, the organization sent out a press release calling for an end to live animal mascots. Two Bulldog football alumni weren’t having any of it:

“I don’t think folks know how good of a life Uga lives,” former wide receiver Tavarres King said. “That dog’s loved, bro. Chill out, PETA.”

“You’d be getting rid of a lot of tradition,” agreed former running back Knowshon Moreno. “I feel like those pets live the best lives… Uga’s very well treated.”

And this time around, people aren’t buying PETA’s antics either.

I’m all for treating animals right, but what PETA refuses to acknowledge in this situation is that Que and the other Uga mascots aren’t abused and exploited. It’s the diametric opposite; these dogs are beloved and treated remarkably well. In this case, PETA is barking up the wrong tree, which should surprise none of us.

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