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The Mexico International Airport recently mentioned in a statement on Friday that a man opened an emergency exit door and walked onto the wing of a plane that was parked and waiting to take off on Thursday, according to the Associated Press.

The airport said the man had been turned over to the police. And while the incident seemed like just another case of airport misbehavior, it appears that many aboard the plane came to the man’s defense, signing a statement that said the airline had forced passengers to wait for hours without ventilation and water.

The report noted the authorities had taken photos of the statement that said other passengers supported the man’s decision, and that he acted “to protect everyone, with the support of everyone.”

CTV News reported that the airport released a statement, writing that “yesterday a passenger on a flight to Guatemala opened an emergency door on a plane while it was stationary at a remote position, stood on a wing and then re-entered the cabin, without affecting the aircraft or anyone else.”

“In line with international security regulations, this person turned himself over to the authorities.”

There were at least 77 passengers who signed the written statement, which was scrawled on notebook paper. The AeroMexico flight was prepared to leave from Mexico and make its way down to Guatemala City.

The written statement said “[t]he delay and lack of air created conditions that endangered the health of the passengers. He saved our lives.”

There was an incident report filed with airport authorities, and it appears the passengers were correct.

“Around 11:37 a.m., a Mexican airline reported the beginning of a disturbance due to passenger discontent on flight AM672,” according to the incident report.

“The flight had been due to lift off at 8:45 a.m. Thursday, but because of a maintenance alert on the plane, the captain had to return to the gate for the required maintenance.”

“The passengers were unhappy and one of them opened the emergency door and stepped out on the wing. This event required the plane to be changed.”

Authorities at the airport did not identify the man who stepped onto the wing of the plane, and they did not give any information on whether the man was still being held in custody.

Reports confirmed that the flight AM672 to Guatemala City was delayed for almost five hours on Thursday.

The Associated Press noted that AeroMexico did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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