Paris to implement zones that require digital passes for entrance ahead of Summer Olympics


Paris, France will be implementing a zone-based security system requiring individuals to show a digital pass to enter specific areas during the summer Olympics. This heightened security measure is intended to ensure safety throughout the event as officials caution terrorist groups could try to stage an attack.

According to Metro, anyone, including residents, who wishes to enter these designated zones must apply for a pass via a platform managed by the police. Although primarily aimed at drivers, some pedestrians will also need to present a QR code to enter the “grey zone,” which surrounds the River Seine where the opening ceremony will be held.

The grey zone will be in effect 24 hours a day from July 18 to July 26. After the opening ceremony, while the Olympic games are ongoing, the grey zone will be lifted, but drivers will still need to show passes to access other designated zones.

Police officers will be stationed at access points to verify these QR codes. To obtain a pass, individuals must provide identification, a photo, proof of address, and relevant documents related to their vehicle registration and employment. The QR codes will be issued free of charge.

These security measures have been introduced amid concerns from European officials about potential terrorist threats during the Olympic games. According to Metro, the UK government has expressed that terrorists are “very likely to try to carry out attacks in France” with methods such as knife attacks, shootings, bombings, and vehicle attacks.

The organizers also explained the aim of these zones is to “protect the flow of spectators to the Olympic and Paralympic venues.”

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