Over 70% of Nikki Haley's NH Voters Were NOT Republicans


Last Updated on January 24, 2024

Exit polling has revealed that Nikki Haley’s loss to 45th President Trump in the New Hampshire GOP Primary came despite her campaign having mobilized Democrats and left-leaning independents to interfere in the Republican Party’s nominating process, by joining forces with Haley to cast votes against Trump.

While 70% of President Trump’s supporters in the New Hampshire GOP Presidential Primary were registered Republicans and 27% of them were undeclared, Nikki Haley’s campaign was in “an alternate universe,” CNN reported. Her numbers inverted when compared to Trump’s and Team Haley got the vast majority of its support from non-Republican voters, thanks to New Hampshire’s semi-open primary system.

More information is in the video below: 

Additional exit polls from NBC News showed that a whopping 85% of New Hampshire GOP Primary voters who called themselves “liberal” voted for Nikki Haley, while another 73% of self-proclaimed “moderates” did the same.

Just 28% of those described as “conservatives” supported Haley, with 70% of those voters backing President Trump.

Review the exit polls below: 

And if the exit polling wasn’t convincing enough that Nikki Haley and her campaign are mobilizing Democrats in their attempts to hurt President Trump, in a CNN report from outside a New Hampshire polling place, a man who’s registered as undeclared by openly described himself as a Democrat told CNN that he’d voted in the New Hampshire GOP Presidential Primary for Nikki Haley, because if she gets the nomination, Biden will beat her!

“I think it would be better to have her against Biden in the election,” the man said.

“Do you consider yourself, generally, Republican, Democrat, or independent?” CNN asked him, to which he affirmed that he is indeed a Democrat.

“If it was Nikki Haley against Joe Biden in a general election, who are you voting for,” CNN asked.

“Joe Biden,” he replied.

Watch the video admission below: 

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