OUTRAGE: London Cop Threatens British Man With Arrest for 'Openly Jewish' Appearance


There’s an old saying that, while history may not always repeat itself, it often rhymes. Nobody knows this better than the Jewish people. Now, history is rhyming once more, and as evidence, we see that a British Jew was threatened with arrest by a London Metropolitan Police officer for his “openly Jewish” appearance.

The Metropolitan Police in London face accusations that they capitulated to radical pro-Hamas activists last weekend by threatening to arrest a British Jew because his presence was deemed provocative to a mob of anti-Israel protesters.

A shocking video published by the British Campaign Against Antisemitism from the pro-Hamas and anti-Israel march shows a Metropolitan Police officer ordering Gideon Falter, the CEO of the Campaign Against Antisemitism, not to cross a street because of his “openly Jewish” appearance. Falter was returning from a Saturday synagogue service and was wearing a kippah, or skullcap.

The London cop even threatened Falter with arrest. He accused Falter of “a breach of peace with all these other people.” Falter was with five other people, some of whom were also wearing skullcaps.

“All these other people,” were Mr. Falter’s fellows, other Jews, who were also wearing the kippah as their faith requires them to do. Welcome to Germany, 1938.

It’s not at all comfortable to draw that comparison. There’s a reason Godwin’s Law is a well-known internet fallacy, but the comparisons here are too blatant to ignore; one has to wonder about Europe and the once-Great Britain and the direction they are headed when you see things like this. You really have to wonder about what the Jewish people in the UK and Europe are thinking right now; they have, after all, heard this tune before.

There’s a video:

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But here’s the pusillanimous part:

[Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir Mark] Rowley told Fox News Digital, “Every member of the Met is determined to ensure that London is a city in which everyone feels safe. We absolutely understand how vulnerable Jewish and Muslim Londoners feel since the terrorist attacks on Israel. Some of our actions have increased this concern. I personally reiterate our apology from earlier this week. Today, as with every other day, our officers will continue to police with courage, empathy and impartiality.”

“Jewish and Muslim” Londoners?

Sir Mark, Jewish Londoners are not rioting and threatening other Londoners. Jewish Londoners are not taking over streets and bridges. Jewish Londoners, Sir Mark, are just not the problem here. This is an unforgivable prevarication that must not be allowed to stand. Situations like this must be dealt with by first applying an objective, dispassionate evaluation of facts, and the fact here is that all the unrest in London is caused by Hamas supporters and sympathizers – not Jews.

The Metropolitan Police have since issued an apology.

That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t do anything to deal with the problems London faces right now, and Jewish Londoners – British Jews in general – are not the problem. There is an elephant in the room that Sir Mark and the Metropolitan Police are not acknowledging.

This will, in time, circle around and bite them, as a Londoner might say, right in the bum.

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