OOF: Twitter Reminds the Associated Press of Some OTHER People Who 'Lost the American Dream'


Yesterday, Twitchy reported on the ridiculous headline the Associated Press went with to announce the death of O.J. Simpson. It was truly one of the worst media fails we have seen in a while — and here at Twitchy, that is saying a LOT.

As a reminder, this is what the AP posted:

Amazing. It wasn’t the fact that Simpson butchered his ex-wife Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman in cold blood that was the problem … it was that pesky trial. 

This reminds us of how the media constantly says things like ‘COVID cost the US billions in economic loss,’ or ‘COVID set students back years.’ No, dummies. It wasn’t COVID that did that. It was government lockdowns and mandates — which the media all championed — that did that. 

But despite the fact that our media has become a joke, one thing that always gives us hope (and usually plenty of laughs) is that Twitter is onto them. 

Last night, Twitter responded to the AP with some hilarious quote tweets about some other people who were on track to do great things before their ‘murder trials lost them the American dream’ too. 

We think you might recognize a few of these folks …

Come on. The guy just enjoyed a little bit of casual night stalking. What’s so wrong with that? 


It’s a helter-skelter world where old Charlie gets railroaded by the legal system. 

HA. We honestly LOL’d at ‘dog lover.’ That dog was just giving umm … career advice to the Son of Sam. 

The Food Network lost an up-and-coming star with Dahmer’s annoying murder trial.

Yet another gourmand taken from us. 

Teddy was ‘the bomb’ when rocking a hoodie and sunglasses too. (OK, we feel bad about that joke … a little.)

Scarface was a teddy bear. And he had a real soft spot in his heart for Valentine’s Day. 

But his brother Al was a high school football LEGEND. 

Poor Pogo the Clown. We were robbed of so many hours of entertainment by his trial. 

‘BTK’ actually stood for ‘Bless, Then Kiss,’ we’re pretty sure. (Don’t fact-check us on this one, just trust us, LOL.)

Yikes. This one hits close to what Simpson did … but even worse. McDonald’s case might have been among the most famous American murder trials ever before The Juice came along.

Leave it to our good friend Judianna to dig deep and come up with The Dating Game Killer from the 70s.

But the award for best throwback reference of all goes to … 

And there it is. 

It seems fitting to end on a traitor since that pretty much sums up what the Associated Press has become: an enemy of the American people. 

Not to mention the enemy of honesty, truth, integrity, or even an iota of journalistic ethics. 

Not that we believe they are capable of feeling shame, but we still hope some of the ‘reporters’ at the AP saw these quote tweets. Maybe they could learn something.

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