OOF! J.D. Vance Leaves CNN's Kaitlan Collins SPEECHLESS Blasting Fraudulent Trials Against Trump (Watch)


J.D. Vance entered the lion’s den that IS CNN and took Kaitlan Collins down a peg or two. She was pretty cocky during the interview since she had ‘home court’ and she clearly thought she had the upper hand, that is of course until Vance started talking about the fraudulent trials against Trump right now.


We’re willing to bet it’s not often Collins is left speechless.

Or makes that face.

Then again, she could make that face a lot and we just don’t see it all that much. But the speechless part? Yeah.




And making a more miserable face than usual.

All of the above.


To be fair, we’re not sure that Collins is ever really in her element unless she’s interviewing or talking to someone she agrees with. 

There’s a reason she works for CNN.

She thought she’d bring Vance on and embarrass him for the 12 people who still watch CNN. And while she did get a few jabs in, she lost, BIGLY. 


Criminalizing Christianity? The Antisemitism Awareness Act, President Trump, and Congress


Kudos to Vance.

Ain’t THAT the truth?

Welcome to 2024.



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