One Of Romania’s Leading Clerics Issues A Dire Warning About The Coming Crisis


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One of Romania’s leading clerics, Father Ilarion Dan of the Crucea Monastery, gave a sombre outlook for his country in 2024 in during an interview with the Romanian newspaper Libertatea. Father Dan predicted that a very big crisis will emerge, and Romania will suffer greatly because it is no longer  a sovereign country.

“Romania is no longer a sovereign country. We have already transferred the attributes of sovereignty to a supranational body and from this moment on… I don’t think that Romania has anything, any degree of autonomous sectoral policy. Maybe at a very, very small, community level. Do you hear anything about Romania internationally? Are we present with some initiative, with something? Or with any position? It doesn’t exist anywhere! Things are at the stage where the collapse is inevitable,” Father Dan said.

The Romanian cleric also pointed out that the world is undergoing a reconfiguration as the collapse of globalism nears. “You see what is happening in the world, that there is a plan on a geopolitical scale, a struggle, a confrontation. Because everyone feels that things have reached a certain stage, each state or groups of states, of lesser or greater powers, is trying to acquire a position that protects them, to a lesser or greater extent, from the consequences of this collapse. There are reconfigurations of positions all over the world.”

Father Ilarion Dan also noted that the world economy is being artificially kept afloat, but that its collapse will be imminent. “We are in a recession that we are artificially maintaining… The whole economic and financial whole of the world today is like an organism, like a body, which is now connected to machines. And it is artificially kept alive. This is the stage, and everything that is happening now, all monetary, financial, and economic policies are only palliatives, they are only these devices that keep a dying person alive. The system has long since reached its limits, and everything is held by a thread, and it cannot be carried much further. It will continue to function for a certain period, but at some point, the imbalances it suffers from will inevitably cause the collapse of the entire economic and financial body of the world.”

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