NYC Resident Asks 'Why Anyone Would Ever Live in the Suburbs,’ and Twitter Responds


There are many benefits to living in a city. Walkability is nice, there are lots of events to attend and other cultural opportunities that are made possible by the large concentration of people in one relatively defined space, it’s perhaps easier to meet new and interesting people when there are so many people around you all the time. Sure there are tradeoffs in increased crime, pollution, and increased cost of living, but for some people that’s just fine and as far as we’re concerned it’s just fine that it’s just fine for them.

The difference between people who don’t live in cities and people who do, though, is often that people who live in cities think that living in a city is the only reasonable way to live, and literally can’t understand why anyone would want anything else for themselves or their family. Take this lady, a happy resident of New York City, who can’t fathom that to some this photograph of what seems to her to be an ideal day maybe isn’t quite everybody’s cup of tea… or glass of wine, as the case may be. 

See in many ways most cities are kind of like Disney World, and this is truer for New York City than it is for any other city. While many people’s idea of ‘communing with nature’ is being completely isolated in nature, there are a lot of people who think that joining in with a big crowd of people in a carefully manicured park in the middle of a bustling metropolis is just as much communing with nature as being in the middle of a Maine woods. Which, again, if that’s your thing great but obviously it’s not everyone’s thing, as people were quick to point out.


No one has ever heard of a ‘wine opener (?!?)’ anywhere but in New York City we guess.

So peaceful and idyllic, with people screaming about needing help opening their booze. Suburbanites could never understand.

And then, of course, there is the crime to consider…

Non-city people know how important it is to ask someone why they need a ‘wine opener’ before handing it over.

The funniest thing is that these people are all, we’d wager, big fans of Henry David Thoreau and his book ‘Walden’ just because these types always love Walden… which is about getting away from the tiring city life and going to live out in the country for a while (among other things). Of course since Walden Pond was only about 2 miles outside of Concord and his mom came over to bring him food and do his laundry for him regularly maybe they’re more like Thoreau than they know. 

If you want to live in a city that’s great, good for you. But cities are very difference places and not everybody’s idea of a good time is hanging out with a big crowd of people all the time. If nothing else living outside of an urban area can often be good for teaching a person self-sufficiency… the kind of self-sufficiency that would lead one to remember to bring their own corkscrew along with them when they went off for a picnic. Crazy, right?

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