NY v. Trump: We have a jury.


Jury selection concluded today in The People of the State of New York v. Donald J. Trump. All twelve jurors have been selected – not without some headaches, hiccups, and jurors outright lying to sit in judgment of Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, we summarized the initial selections. Some of them, after further developments, have been excluded. The jury is comprised of 7 men and 5 women, not counting the alternate. Here’s the final rundown, with the assist from Fox and NBC News and CNN. (Two jurors who were selected on Tuesday were excused – more on that below.)

Juror #1: He’ll serve as the foreman because he was seated first. He lives in West Harlem but is originally from Ireland. He works in sales and previously worked as a waiter, and has attended some college. He is married. His spouse is in school and they have no children. In his spare time he enjoys doing anything outdoorsy. He gets his news from the New York Times, the Daily Mail, and some Fox News and MSNBC.

Juror #2: He works in investment banking. He follows Twitter and Truth Social posts from Trump and stated: “I don’t have any beliefs that might prevent me from being fair or impartial.” He follows Michael Cohen on Twitter (sorry, we still don’t call it “X”) and “other ‘right wing’ accounts” like Kellyanne Conway. He said he would keep an “open mind” about the evidence, commented that his feelings about Trump go “both ways,” and said Trump has done some good for the country.

Juror #3: He’s likely in his early 30s. He is originally from Oregon and works as a corporate lawyer. He’s Asian. He gets his news from the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Google. He is aware of Trump’s other criminal cases but is not “super familiar with the other charges.”

Juror #4: A security engineer. He’s married with three children. His wife is a teacher and he’s originally from California. In his spare time, he enjoys woodworking and metalworking. He doesn’t use social media, and expressed “no feelings” about Trump’s prosecution.

Juror #5: A black woman who teaches English. She has a master’s in Education. Per Fox, she previously worked as a caseworker at a juvenile detention center. She is unmarried with no children. Her godfather was a homicide detective. She gets her news from TikTok and Google. She stated that she enjoys listening to podcasts on relationships and pop culture.

She said she isn’t a “political person,” though her friends have strong opinions on Trump (likely negative). She stated she tries to avoid political conversations and doesn’t really care for the news. She does appreciate Trump’s candor: “President Trump speaks his mind and I’d rather that than someone who’s in office who you don’t know what they’re thinking.” She was unaware that Trump faces charges in other criminal cases.

Juror #6: She is a software engineer likely in her 20s. She says she has no strong feelings about President Trump either way, and said “I will be fair and impartial.” She is unmarried, has no kids, and lives with three roommates in Chelsea. She gets her news from the New York Times, Google, Facebook, and TikTok.

Juror #7: A lawyer who practices civil litigation. He has children and enjoys spending time outdoors. His wife works in risk management for a bank. He gets his news from The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, and the Washington Post. He admitted to having “political views as to the Trump presidency” but said he didn’t pass any judgment on Trump’s character.

Juror #8: He’s retired; previously worked for a major wealth manager. He enjoys skiing, fly fishing, and yoga. He said he could be objective.

Juror #9: A speech therapist with a Masters degree who gets her news from CNN. She’s single and lives alone. She said she wouldn’t be pressured by others when making judgments on the case. According to Fox: “She said she does have opinions about Trump, but said she believes she can put them aside and be fair and impartial.”

Juror #10: An Ohio native who lives in Manhattan. He has a college degree and works in commerce for a large company. He’s unmarried, has no children, and lives with a roommate. He enjoys the outdoors and loves animals. He also has an interest in podcasts with a focus on behavior psychology, and he reads the New York Times.

Juror #11: She works for a multinational apparel company. She is unmarried and has no kids. With respect to her opinions on Trump: she doesn’t like Trump’s “persona” and said “he just seems very selfish and self-serving.”

Juror #12: A female physical therapist (she has a doctorate) who enjoys running and tennis. She listens to podcasts on sports and faith. Married, no children. She reads the New York Times, USA Today, and CNN.

Alternate #1: She is an analyst for an asset management company who was raised in England. She reads the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. In her spare time, she enjoys running and socializing with friends.

Two of the jurors who were initially seated were excused from service. The first – who was only identified as “Juror #2” – informed the Court that her friends identified her as a potential juror. She admitted, contrary to her statements earlier this week, that “I don’t think I can be fair.”

The other juror – identified as “Juror #4” – had the “same name” as a man previously arrested for tearing down right-leaning political advertisements. It was also discovered that his wife was involved in a corruption scandal. Fox is reporting that it was the same man, though we’re not sure it has been confirmed. But it sure seems likely – he was excused after a private conference with the judge.

As we previously discussed, the trustworthiness of jurors is always an issue in jury selection, and that concern is only heightened in Trump’s trial. Political bias, absent social media comments or marching for a cause, is difficult to prove. That’s why honesty is necessary.

Already we’ve seen potential jurors who lied about their political leanings. Some more probably slipped through the cracks. The concern isn’t just that they’re liars – it’s why they lied.

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