Notion turns its Cron acquisition into an integrated calendar app


Notion launched a calendar app Wednesday, built and reskinned from Cron, the calendar startup the company bought in 2022. Tight platform-wide integration will be the appeal for Notion’s “tens of millions” of users. Notion Calendar includes a built-in scheduler and makes it easy to merge content from the productivity ecosystem’s notes, docs and project dates.

Notion Calendar lets you link Notion notes and other documents to meetings, transforming the calendar invite into an all-in-one hub for participants to add or view supporting content. It also integrates with external tools like Google Calendar, Google Meet and Zoom.

Raphael Schaad, Cron’s founder who now heads its next iteration as Notion Calendar, describes the app as “a new way to manage your most precious resource, time.” In the video below, he demonstrates how you can quickly check on a family member’s medical appointment and block it off your planner so your work colleagues won’t double-book you for that hour. Notion Calendar’s scheduler will let your co-workers (or anyone else you’ve shared availability with) know that time is unavailable, but they won’t see the details.

Notion Calendar requires a one-time sign-in with Google Calendar to set it up. However, Schaad wrote on X today that the company was “running into Google Auth rate limits,” preventing sign-ins — something he describes as a “‘good’ launch day problem to have.” If you have trouble logging in, he expects the issue to be resolved within the next day and advises you to check back later.

Notion Calendar supports all the same languages as the entire platform. It’s available today on Windows, Mac and iOS. In a significant absence at launch, Notion says Android support is “coming soon.” It also doesn’t yet support Office 365 or iCloud integration, although Schaad promises that, too, is on the company’s roadmap.

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