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IF you consider yourself a political activist … then there is a thread on X from Jesse Kelly that is a MUST-READ. But let’s start with me, okay? Am I a political activist? NO. Writing posts for GraniteGrok does NOT make me a political activist. It makes me a political commentator (the dysfunctional NHGOP would probably use gadfly instead of commentator). But it does NOT make me an activist.

The vast majority of what is posted on this site is “preaching to the choir.” I am not changing minds. I am not affecting elections, And I can say this because I see how many views the posts get. The reach of my posts, in terms of votes cast in elections, is not material.

If I were a candidate for, let’s say, a school board, or I were helping such a candidate … then I could actually call myself an activist. But I am neither, so I have no business calling myself an activist. Similarly, someone who just posts on Facebook and flies a MAGA flag is not an activist. You are not doing anything actually to manifest change.

Democrats … more accurately, Communists … are winning because they understand the distinction. They seek and win positions of power, and then they use that power. That is why you see drag shows and pride flags in supposedly Red States.

If you want to be an activist, then you need to ACT. And a word of advice, if you do choose to take Jesse’s advice … ignore the NHGOP. The NHGOP is dysfunctional and useless. Trying to “take over” the NHGOP is a colossal waste of time. Instead, the focus should be on taking over your local school board and other aspects of local governance.

Needless to say, I do not expect anyone to actually follow this advice. It is so much easier to do things the same way—the losing way—that the NHGOP has been doing things for decades. TOP OF THE TICKET, COATTAILS, DON’T MASS UP NEW HAMPSHIRE. What’s really “massing up” New Hampshire is not the alleged threat of an income tax—it is the Communist zealots running school boards and other aspects of local government.

Read the whole thread on X by clicking on the below:


So yes, there are only 10 commies in your “red” town. But they’re all on your school board. THEY have the power. Your “majority” means nothing. Nothing. 

If you want to save the parts of your country that can be saved, it involves much more than voting for Trump once every 4 years and avoiding Bud Light. You must become involved. LOCALLY. 

Run for school board. When there’s a meeting or a committee in your town (communists love committees), go get on them. 

When the communist pushes the next tranny parade, make noise. Organize. Last time they tried that in my “red” town, I had so many people calling that they stopped answering the phones in city hall. And in the end, I won. 

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