No thanks Google, I don’t want an AI yoga bestie


Like many TechRadar readers, I’ve just finished up watching Google IO 2024, and seeing all the new stuff that the Gemini AI is capable of. As I was listening, I was very interested from a layman’s point of view, but as TechRadar’s Fitness and Wearables Editor, I didn’t think there was much in it for me. I was certainly disappointed by the lack of a Wear OS 5 announcement. 

But my ears pricked up as Sissie Hsaio, Vice President at Google and General Manager for Gemini experiences, showcased how to use Gemini best within the multimodal Gemini app, with a new feature previewed known as Gems. Set to be released in the coming months, Gems essentially saves successful specialist prompts for you to build on later. Hsaio creates a Gem in front of the audience called a “cliffhanger curator” designed to help her write intriguing plot twists into short stories. 

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